Your profession is your career choice (called classes in other RPGs) and is one of the more defining parameters for your character.  It determines your ease of learning various skills and what realm of power you may have.  Each link below will lead you to the page highlighting that class and an example of the profession page and how you can read it will be found below.

One of the key concepts of Rolemaster is that any character may attempt any skill.  All skills are available to all professions but your profession determines how easily skills are learned.  A mage may become an expert swordsman but will never learn sword fighting as easily as a fighter.  Rolemaster is flexible enough to handle any character concept you can think up.

Here is a page with charts containing various Profession Bonuses.

Rolemaster groups all professions into four broad classes:

It should be noted that for most classes your realm of power comes pre-determined and only pure arms users may choose their realm of power.  For those classes the realm is a minor choice and will normally have only minimal impact on your character's game play.  The deciding factor for arms users choosing their realm will be the armor type you choose to wear.  For reference, the three realms (and their respective stat) are listed below:

Sample profession image: