No god-modding, powerplaying or meta-gaming! Respect your peers and your GM!
I am omnipotent within the confines of MY game; My word is law, scripture and absolutely final.
HOWEVER; If I make an error, point it out in a calm and respectful fashion. I will NOT tolerate drama or drama queens.
I will NOT solve In Character conflicts in Out Of Character, UNLESS rules have been broken.
Keep Out Of Character discussion, to the OOC Thread, PMs or Private Lines.
Your characters are mortal! They CAN die, so be careful and prepare for everything!

Posting Guidelines
No text-speak, emoticons or whatever. Your posts should always be in third person, past tense and most importantly in proper English. Consistently poor grammar is only tolerable if it's unintentional, such as for non-native speakers.

The above being said; Avoid editing your posts, especially during combat or other action-oriented scene, we can all read through most typos and misspellings, although it might always be a good idea to proof-read your posts, before submitting them.

Please avoid one/two/three liners in your posts, as much as possible. It's understandable that not everyone will be equally creative when it comes to posting, but you should be able to at least avoid them most of the time.

Use a color for the 'voice' of your character in your posts, whether s/he is speaking aloud or thinking to themselves. You should also always clearly differentiate speech and thought, for an example, by italicizing when your character is thinking. Once you've picked a color for your character, do NOT change it, at least without a good reason.

NEVER assume success, unless it has been confirmed by GM or the situation (even if the dice favor you!).

  To clarify;

"John knew this was their only chance and so he lifted his sword and charged into the room. John moved fast enough to kill all of the barbarians, before they could even react."

"John knew this was their only chance and so he lifted his sword and charged into the room. He hoped he'd be fast enough to kill at least a few of them, before he was noticed."

This game is rated M for Mature. RPol's Mature Policy.