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June 5, 1974, Omniforce was winning against the gathered heroes and heroines. Rising Star’s best had come to defend it from the traitor to the nation and Rising Star. The best it seemed were not fairing well against the seasoned opponents and Rising Star’s defenses were crumbling. Within those walls, Firefly, also known as Colleen Ketterman, was giving birth to a little girl.

American Ninja, trying to suppress his anger and remain calm, mentally recited a kata, and tried with all his will to remember his training concerning childbirth. It had been a small section in the Paramedic class - one he didn’t even think he would ever use. This anxiety coupled with thoughts about Bret Ketterman (a.k.a. Sunjammer), and the knowledge that Rising Star was falling was not helping. “Bret”, he thought, “should be here at his wife’s side. Not - God only knows were in California.”

The woman lying on a collapsed ceiling section was the woman they called Firefly. Even with warnings from the Doctor, she had tried valiantly to add her abilities to the fight. Being seven months pregnant, she was in no condition to fight a battle. She was rusty from not using her shrinking powers in over six months because of possible effects it might have on the child. But that did not matter now, she was giving birth to her daughter in the heat of the battle.

To American Ninja’s surprise, one of the threats had managed to sneak up on him. Crossfire had managed  to get off a barrage of quarrels hitting many heroes and heroines, including himself and Firefly, before Firefly managed to stop her. It’s climax was the birth of Firefly’s daughter.

Firefly smiled, as she looked up at her daughter, and closed her eyes. Her breathing was slowing. American Ninja checked quickly, but he knew the answer. The quarrels of Crossfire’s quarrels had been poison tipped. Firefly had only lived long enough to save her daughter. Even with his own abilities, he did not have much time to save the child before Rising Star was overrun. He knew of a place in Phoenix, if he could make it there.

The pain from the poison crept through his body, as American Ninja knocked on the door of his old friends Sara and Daniel Rose. Inside , he explained quickly who the little girl was, and asked that they care for her until the infant could be retrieved. The television was tuned to the local channel, and told that new allies had arrived to help in the battle. With renewed hope, American Ninja left to return to Rising Star after the couple had agreed to watch the infant. American Ninja was killed on the battlefield by a martial artist known as the Dragon’s Hand.

After the death of American Ninja, and Firefly were confirmed, the Roses took the child to the authorities and explained who she was. After a quick DNA check, the authorities found Sunjammer and asked him to come and pick his child. Sunjammer named her Moonflower Ketterman, and gave his permission for her adoption by anyone who was interested, as he has no wish to raise the child.  The Rose, feeling an obligation to their friend, American Ninja, took the child as their own and named her Copper Rose for her striking red hair. They knew this child might be special and knowing this; they were determined that they would not treat her any differently than their own two children. However, because they knew she might be special made them a bit fearful of her. Sensing this, Copper never thought herself as a member of the family. Daniel seemed to avoid her, and Sara was always too busy for her. They never had time for the little red hair girl, so Copper looked for attention from other people. But no one, seemed to have enough attention or love for Copper. She drifted form boy to boy in high school trying to make them happy as best she could - but never herself.

During the summer of 1988 (age 14), Copper discovered her abilities. She was elated, and extremely frustrated. She was happy to have them, and extremely frustrated when control continued to elude her. Her new boyfriend, Harry Washington, was intrigued with her problem. He loved machines and was able to create a belt that helped her control her shrinking abilities. They  has a relationship for a short time. After a while, he lost interest in her and spent more time with his toys than  with her. Copper hoped this wold make a difference with her mother and father, but it didn’t. Sara and Daniel told Copper they knew she might gain powers like her mother’s, but it was wise to keep them quiet. There were people who might hurt her if they discovered her talents. Copper, made cautious by warnings, tried to conceal her metahuman talents as best she could, until the day Sara and Daniel betrayed her.
Copper was seventeen. She had been secretly working with a bunch of her high school friends as a superhero called Firefly. There were six of them - Firefly, Night Kid, White Star, Chrome Knight, Mind Hunter, and Star Hawk . They called themselves “Super Nova”. It had been Chrome Knights favorite television show. They had tried to stop crime where they could, and were fairly competent at the task they had set for themselves. They were not prepared for  “The Steel Militia”, a group of metahuman and paranormals, who had formed for high tech mercenary work. They were older, more experienced, and had nearly killed White Star, and Chrome Knight. The doctors hoped White Star wouldn’t loose a leg. Firefly left for Rising Star before she found out if the doctors amputated or not.

The Roses, concerned, called Rising Star and had their daughter admitted after the event. As far as Copper was concerned, Daniel and Sara has turned her in. They had known she had taken her mothers name while superheroing with Super Nova, and were proud she did. But their concerned were centered on her need for more training, and Rising Star would provide it . Daniel and Sara tried to make her see the truth, but she wouldn’t. Personally after her friends incident, Firefly didn’t ever care if she used her powers again. She pouted about the house until the day she was sent to Rising Star.

Finding Mind Hunter, Star Hawk, and Night Kid at the admissions desk of Rising Star changed her mind. Maybe, she thought, Rising Star isn’t such a bad place. The Rose family was surprised to find that the usual cost for training had been waived for Copper, a rather substantial sum of money, because of the original Firefly’s service with Rising Star. Power Corps, unlike the original Rising Star, charged for its services. Either the person paid with government grants, loans, or personal finances.

Rising Star proved to be a nightmare once the knowledge of her true mother became known. Everyone spoke of how proud she must be to be Firefly’s daughter, or how she must do better or how the original Firefly would never do this or that. She became quite tired of being compared to someone she had never known. Professor Thunderbird told Copper of  her mothers generosity, loving ways and gentle nature. If Firefly could honor her mother she would, but the doubts from the disaster had brought her to Rising Star sill echoed in her mind.

After three years, Firefly had left Rising Star only to visit her adopted brother Jonathan and on select missions that were “safe”. She had officially graduated from Rising Star a year ago,  but continued to teach acting to the newer students. Copper knew Cobra-Ka and Hard Point wanted her to experience the world and to add her unique abilities to a team, but nothing she liked was offered. She eventually volunteered for a new group in Chicago called the Untouchables. It looked like a safe assignment, since most supervillains didn’t operate in the Bible Belt.

Name: Moonflower Ketterman
Adopted Name: Copper Rose
Born: June 5, 1974 at Rising Star Complex, Arizona
Education and Training
1979-1986      Elementary School, Phoenix
1986-1989      Junior Highs School, Phoenix
1989-1991      High School, Phoenix
1991-1999      Rising Star
1999 - Present The Untouchables

Copper Rose feels she is not loved and craves attention from anyone who will give her the time of day. Because of  her adopted family, she has always felt unloved, and finds it difficult to receive love from others. Carnal love replaced love based on feelings and emotions. If a man pays attention to her, she will take notice. This is what prompted her to join the Super Nova group while she was in High School. She had a crush on Star Hawk.

At this time, Firefly does not feel she is qualified to be a member of any team. Because of the White Star incident and her inability to help, and the team, she lost her confidence and feels insecure about what she is able to do on the battlefield.

Judge me by my size would you?
Powers/ Traits
Copper Rose’s powers are mostly inherited from her mother. In fact, Copper Rose’s powers almost duplicate her mothers. When she shrinks, Copper becomes a super heated being. By heating the air around her, she is able to fly and provide herself with protection. However, the original Firefly’s light/flame was never as hot as Copper’s flame when she was in her shrunken form. The intensity of the heat/flame ismore from her father, Sunjammer whose powers involved plasma fire.

Height 5’8”   8.5”
Weight 120    15#
Build  Medium
Hair   Red
Eyes   Hazel
Skin   Caucasian
Age    25
Copper Rose is a beautiful woman with striking red hair and hazel eyes. She has always been a beautiful child and knew that one day she would be a movie star. Sought after as a model, she had managed to form her own following in the modeling world. Her seductive and sometime provocative photos are nationally known.

Daily Life
Being a full time Untouchable, Firefly has learned to patrol the city. Starting from the Dhalgren building and working her way in a spiral method to the outer edges of the city.

Father: Daniel Rose: Born 04/23/49
Mother: Sara Rose: Born  08/16/50
Brother: Christopher Rose: Born 02/25/70
Brother: Jonathan Rose: Born 06/03/72

Father: Bret Ketterman, AKA Sunjammer
Mother: Colleen O’Brien Ketterman, AKA Firefly (the original one).
Born 11/27/1942. Died 06/05/1974

Aunt: Alanna O’Brien, Born 11/27/1942. Twin sister to Colleen O’Brien Ketterman. They were originally identical, but an accident disfigured her face. Plastic surgery made her more beautiful, but Alanna and Colleen no longer look the same. She is a movie actress under the stage name of Copper Thorn.

Grandfather: Miles O’Brien. Born 05/55/1922
Half Uncle: Dean O’Brien. Born 08/16/1943 in London. Son of Cynthia O’Brien, Miles’ wife. Miles, was devasted when he heard his wife had died giving birth to his twin girls, Alanna and Colleen. She sought solace in Cythia Banbridge’s arms. When Cynthia soon after told him she was pregnant with his child. Miles, did the honorable thing and married her. After the child was born, it was obvious to Miles, he was not the biological father. Cynthia later told Miles (this was years later) that Sean’s father was David Kensington, a British flyer, who had died and Cynthia needed a father for her child.

Half Aunt. Bridgit O’Brien Born 12/16/1944 at Shannon Family Farm. Daughter of Miles and Cynthia O’Brien.
Half Uncle: Kevin O’Brien. Born 03/11/1951. Son of Miles and Cynthia O’Brien.
Notes. Have not worked out if Sean, Bridgit or Kevin have children.

Night Kid - Ned Higgins, Born 01/01/75. Ned was always a nerd in High School, and a freshman when he joined Super Nova. He had powers that would only work at night or in shadows. He would get stronger, quicker, and could hide in the shadows like he was one.

White Star - April Zimmerman. Born 09/07/73, April was probably the most beautiful woman Copper had ever seen. Her good nature and kind heart were the tempering force in Super Nova. Having abilities to control light, she could be dense, or ghostly depending on her moods.

Chrome Knight - Harry Washington. Born 05//08/74. Harry was a jock in school, and loved machines. He could build anything, and he did. His most prized project was a chrome set of armor. He had originally made it for safety, but soon began adding additional gadgets to its design and became the Chrome Knight. He and Copper had a relationship for a short time, and during the time was responsible for creating the belt she uses to control her shrinking and returning to normal size. After a while, she became less interesting than his many toys and other machines and inventions.

Mind Hunter - Christine Anderson. Born 06/01/72. Christine was a natural mentalist. She could read surface thoughts, and use the knowledge in battle. If she wished, she could delve further into someone’s mind to find hidden information. She named herself Mind Hunter because of a joke. “If I can find a mind in there, I tell you what they think.”

Star Hawk  - Jason Bowen: Born 04/30/75. Jason was Harry’s friend and rival in high school. Both were jocks and competed in every way, the one big difference was Jason got Copper. The two were a striking pair. He with his long blonde hair, and her with that fiery red hair. They made a  beautiful couple, if not vain and unaware of their surrounding. Jason’s abilities surrounded around the use of speed and flight. He was fast in battle. He was a thrill seeker,  trying stupid moves,  or endangering himself when he didn’t need to. Copper and Jason were lovers for about two years. His image was more important to him than anything else, and since Copper was one of the schools most beautiful girls he had to have her. After White Star was injured, his attitude changed. He in some part felt her injuries where caused by him. He remained at White Star’s side while she was in the hospital. He and Copper drifted apart since his attention was on White Star and no one else.

Personal Tastes
Favorite Food - Ice Cream
color,- Red
television - any type of romance (the soaps, if she has the time)
Movies -romantic type of movie

Design notes
None at this time