ZoŽ Ritter

Name: ZoŽ Ritter Species: Human Age: 28 (Born October 8th 2159) Gender: Female Class: Infiltrator Rank: Staff Lieutenant

Look: Being 1.78 meter tall, ZoŽ is quite ordinary looking among her peers. Her pale skin is accentuated by her black hair. ZoŽ's skin seem to be almost too perfect like it was remade recently - with the exception of the scar over her right eye. Her eyes are normally brown, but when her adrenalin levels increases they start to have a faint red glow from the underlying cybernetic systems. Her slim and athletic body belies the strength that is the result of genetic and cybernetic experiments. Underneath the clothes there are more evidences of the procedures that saved her life but remade her into something not quite human.

Persona: Cyber ninja with a cause.


"Where I'm from? Well... you know. I was born on Earth. More precisely somewhere in the city of London..... you want me to continue? I really have to? Okay. My mom... mom was a ... working girl and I never knew my father. We never really had much in the way of wealth or anything but we had each other and mom.. mom loved me. That much I'm certain of. But when I was twelve mom got... fuck it, I'm crying like a little girl... okay so mom died, street thugs shot her trying to steal a few credits."


"You really want me to continue .... most of it is just boring stuff anyway. Okay so I started running with some kids in the streets of London. I tell you, the poorest part of Earth never realized that we entered the 22nd century almost 9 decades ago. It's still as much shit as it was when Oliver Twist lived there. We did what we had to survive, but we never really hurt anyone.. at least not until several years later. Some of my crew wanted to throw a party for me when they found out that I had turned 18 a few days earlier. So we jacked a vehicle and I got drunk for the first time. I also leaned a hard lesson - alcohol and driving shouldn't be mixed. The vehicle crashed and my boyfriend Teek died in the crash. I escaped with minor injuries. But I were arrested in the aftermath."

"So there I was. Facing prison and no real future ahead of me but one of crime. That was until I was offered the choice of my life. I could join the System Alliance military and any criminal record I had would be wiped. OK honestly I didn't want to leave the friends I had in London, but the pain of having lost Teek and the thought of prison made the choice easy - and it isn't something I've regretted."

"The Systems Alliance's navy! It does sound cool. But it was tough. More tough than I could ever have imagined. I found that my physical limits were far beyond what I had previously thought. I learned to fight and to do things I had never thought possible. Shortly after my 19th birthday I was on my first combat assignment. The feeling of being in the thick of the battle was so amazing. Of cause I've heard of people that freeze of freak out when the fighting starts and people get hurt around them. But not me... no way. This was the life I was meant to live."

"Service Chief Ritter. That was me at 22. I had proven myself far beyond the call of duty and had both the scars and the medals to prove it. But it never stopped me from pushing forward to improve myself and my skills.
When the attack on Eden Prime occurred I was on the other side of the galaxy. I had since learned to trust my commanding officers. But still it felt wrong that we didn't send the whole fleet after the Geth. But I was occupied at the time in a long going operation against Batarian terrorists so I didn't pay it much attention. That operation earned me a field commission as 2nd lieutenant, a rank I was awarded afterwards. After the operation ended I took some R&R at the Citadel. I can tell you; that place really was amazing. Or at least it was until the Geth attacked right at the citadel. Even being on leave I couldn't just stand by as the bots killed right and left. I was at the Flux at the time and luckily one of the barkeepers - Rita - had a few pistols hidden behind the bar. Together we fought our way out and I got Rita to safety before I started back to get more survivors away from harms way. That was when it happened. A huge Geth - a Prime Unit - got me with it's blast and as I fell to the ground I could smell my flesh burning and feel most of my bones moving freely - I was sure I had bought the farm."

"But the marvels of 22nd century medicine will never seize to amaze me. When I awoke I found out that the Geth had been destroyed by commander Shepard and that Shepard had also died in the meantime. Shepard was even back then an icon to most in the Alliance navy. So everyone was affected by the loss."

"I was affected in more ways than one. My doctors said that while I would live I would most likely never get my full mobility back. My spine had been broken in three different places and the reconstructive surgery would be far beyond anything they were willing to sacrifice or risk. That I have to admit was my most bleak moment - even worse than when mom died. I had even had a pistol smuggled into the hospital and every day I found myself putting it into my mouth. Maybe it was just sheer luck that I postponed ending my misery. Because one evening a man in a black suit came to my room. He told me that the Systems Alliance needed skilled individuals like me for an experimental procedure. If I was lucky it would not only give me my mobility and life back but also have me back on active combat duty again. I knew my life was over if I couldn't get back in the game so I accepted - of cause."

"What happened next is highly classified. But I can tell you that during the next year I underwent cutting edge medical and cybernetic procedures. They turned me into something that looks like a human, but I was stronger and faster than ever before. I also trained with the best of the best. It was also there I was presented to the sword. It was really a surprise to me that anyone would suggest that using a sword would be preferable. But with the strength and reflexes I had been given, the movements of the sword was like watching a ballet of blades. So when human colonies started going dark in the Terminus Systems several covert ops squad was formed to look into the matter. It was against the Collectors that I saw my first combat experience as a N6 operative. The excitement and thrill I had experienced in the thick of the battle was nothing compared to what I experienced with my new and improved body. But even with all our new toys and all of our advanced training the collectors was a tough enemy. We lost many comrades there but we also learned a few tricks that would prove useful in the years to come."

"When the collectors were gone, destroyed by Commander Shepard, I had seen so much combat that I officially received the N7 designation. But honestly - that's just a number and a letter. Everyone that ever trained at ICT is the best humanity have to offer - even if some of us had to become less than human to be there."

"So the war was over and then a new started.... always the same. The reapers was far more dangerous than anything we had imagined. They tore right through our defenses. I was stationed with my squad with the Fifth Fleet. It was a mas acre when Hackett withdrew from Acturus but the losses would have been far worse if he had not. But we lived to fight another day. From that day on it was more or less constant fighting. We went from operation to operation. Hitting the Reapers - and sometimes Cerberus - where they were vulnerable. I lost many comrades during that time. But we inflicted heavy casualties on our enemies."

"We always hoped that our commanders had something up their sleeve, even if we couldn't see how we would ever be able to win against the Reapers. So when the call came to head for Earth for the final push against the Reapers we were half way across the galaxy. And we never made it back... We got stranded in Omega. Not the nicest crowd there I can tell you. But we were all highly skilled individuals. But that really didn't help us against the mob of Vorcha that claimed that humans had destroyed the Mass Relays to isolate Omega. We got separated and that was how I ended up alone on Omega."


"Going to ground in Omega wasn't really a problem. The station is build for that. It's the right place to disappear and nobody asks questions. Of cause I couldn't reveal my rank as an Alliance officer. At least not without any hard evidence as to how the war had gone. And to tell you the truth I'm still not sure what have happened. So better keep a low profile. I did a few odd jobs here and there and ended up serving drinks at a small bar. There I one day got in contact with a guy that pointed me in the direction of somebody that might help me get back to Earth."

"Of cause I'm going to meet those people... I just hope that I soon see some action again. It has been months since I was in mortal danger and I really miss the kick......."


"What I want? Well I want to get back. Back to Earth. I have a duty to the Alliance - if it still exists. But I have to find out. What happens then I really cannot say. I'm a soldier and ever since the Citadel I have known I will not die an old woman. I'll buy the farm long before that. But if I can do it serving the Alliance and protecting humanity than that's all I ask for."

Stats: Cool +1, Hard +2, Hot -1, Sharp +2, Will 0


EQUIPMENT: Your load is 8+Hard
M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud 1-weight)
Light Combat Armor with shield generator (1-armor, 2-shields 3-weight)
Chameleon Omni-tool
Shadow Blade [ME-73 Carbide Disruptor Blade] - (3-Harm Hand Disruptor Sharp Hi-tech)
The ME-73 CDB is a cutting edge omni-tool and personal weapon favored by elite infiltrators. When activated, the hi-tech system generates a highly evolved mono-molecule  Carbide Disruptor blade suspended in a mass effect field. Each weapon is specifically tuned to the user and can only be operated by the programmed infiltrator.



ADVANCEMENT: [X] Tactical Acumen

Species Move: New kids on the block -Humans are new to the galactic stage and need to be constantly making friends and connections lest the other species turn on them. Grant +2 instead of +1 whenever you Aid Another.

Species Move: Will to Power - You are exactly the sort of human that gives your species their current galactic reputation. At the beginning of the session, roll +Will. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time that session, spend your hold 1 for 1 to get an automatic 10+ on act under fire, intimidate, or seize by force.

Class Move : Tactical Cloak - When you use your tactical cloak in battle, roll +Sharp. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On your turn, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:
Create an opportunity but you haven’t yet seized it or followed through on it. The GM will tell you what it is. Take +1forward.
Combat move: Marksman -When you seize by force, you may add the following options to that move’s list:
Personal Move: Break and Enter - You are talented at gaining access to places you have no business being. When you attempt to enter or exit such a place, roll +Cool. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:
Personal Move: Tactical Acumen -You look at every situation with a tactical eye, and are commonly prepared for most surprises. When you declare retroactively that you’ve already set something up, roll +Sharp. On a 10+ it’s just as you say. On a 7-9, you set it up but here at the crucial moment the GM can introduce some hitch or delay. On a miss, you set it up, but since then things you don’t know about have seriously changed.

Custom Move: TBD