Weapons in the Mass Effect universe are micro-scaled mass accelerators, using mass-reducing fields and magnetic force to propel miniature slugs to lethal speeds. Nearly every gun on the battlefield is laden with features, from targeting auto-assists to projectile shavers that can generate thousands of rounds of ammunition from a small, internal block of metal.

To generate ammunition a weapon shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field. Thousands of these tiny rounds can be produced from a single ammunition block. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup.

Personal weapons have undergone a massive shift. It was discovered that, in an age of kinetic barriers, most firefights were won by the side who could put the most rounds downrange the fastest. As such, detachable heat sinks, known as thermal clips, were adopted first by the geth, and shortly thereafter by organic arms manufacturers. Ammunition may never be a concern with modern arms, but the availability of thermal clips is; weapons without thermal clips have nowhere to disperse their heat and are incapable of firing. Luckily, thermal clips litter modern battlefields, and can be obtained from fallen enemies or found around the environment.


Most weapon models use the base weapon stats as listed below. Some specific models may vary, as listed. Weapons have Harm, Ammo, Range and modifier tags.

Heavy Pistols

Assault Rifles


Sniper rifles

Submachine guns

Heavy weapons

* Note: Use of heavy weapons requires the user to act under fire unless they have taken the Heavy Weapons Specialist Combat move. Heavy weapons may not be used with “ammo” moves.

Weapon Tags:
Anti-barrier: The +anti-barrier tag indicates a weapon that destroys 2 levels of barrier per hit prior to calculating harm.

Burn: The +burn tag indicates a weapon that sets the target on fire. Burning targets will tend to panic, and will take some amount of ongoing harm or have layers of armor burn away at the GM’s discretion

Disruptor: The +disruptor tag indicates a weapon that destroys 2 levels of shields per hit prior to calculating harm.

Lift: The +lift tag indicates a weapon that emulates biotic telekinetic properties, and can be used to lift enemies out of cover or manipulate the battlefield

Recoil: The +recoil tag indicates a weapon with such a kick that firing it requires either careful setup, careful concentration, or unusual strength. Using such a weapon without any of those things counts as acting under fire.


Cluster Grenades: These specialized, high-tech grenades can only be used by a biotic. Use of Cluster grenades acts as a one-use manifestations of the Throw Biotic Move, and can also negate the size-advantage of a small gang for that action. +hi-tech.

Flashbang Grenades: Flashbang grenades do (s-harm area hi-tech).

Inferno Grenades: These high-tech, dangerous, incendiary grenades can be used as one-use manifestations of the Incinerate Tech Move. +hi-tech.

Lift Grenades: These specialized, high-tech grenades can only be used by a biotic. Use of lift grenades acts as a one-use manifestations of the Pull Biotic Move with the +area tag. +hi-tech.