Name: Mannovai Berun Tresk Drath Potun Nailo Species: Salarian Age: 17  Gender: male Class: Infiltrator
Look: His skin is a green-gold color with a texture more like scales than a proper human smoothskin. His eyes are a deep blue, almost black, and bulbous like all Salarians. The smartsuit he wears - and the stealth model omnitool - are an equally dark blue, allowing him to blend in when the mission requires it.

Persona: Undercover STG field agent


Oh yes, I suppose I have a moment or two, if you can forgive me working while I talk. I am the eldest son of the Potun family of Mannovai. You haven't heard of us? Well, I suppose not. Currently, my father runs a relatively small ship manufactory that orbits around or homeworld. Though profitable enough, he and his father completely lacked the genius of my ancestor, who was one of the first to turn an engine heat sink into a battery for ship-scale weapons. Incredibly clever and currently adopted by 90% of fighting ships currently in action. I attended several engineering academies to pursue my interest in carrying on that great man's work. These are brutal times and weapon advancements are a more profitable investment than any other field. As well, it allowed me to test explosives. There's nothing quite so sweet as setting a target turned to ash by a perfectly calculated explosives load. I considered pursuing demolition, briefly, but there's much satisfaction in creating something of your own, instead of simple destroying another's failures. Upon advancement, my services were snatched up by Groshin arms, where I worked most energetically for several years. I have a few of the toys I cooked up back then somewhere, should you wish to see some examples of my work."


"I did my work well enough that I quickly came to the attention of the company superiors. Within two years, I was promoted to a position informally referred to as a clean-up specialist. I turned my attention to tasks that had gone over schedule and plugged the holes so they could be finished. It caused me to work in a range of fields and showed off my abilities to those same higher-ups I had already impressed. It was shortly thereafter that I learned my employer was actually a cover for the Special Tasks Group. Their recruitment push was hard, extolling the challenges and opportunities presented by working for the group that did the most to keep our people safe. They needn't have bothered. I WA willing to sign on from the moment they identified themselves to me.

My first assignment was the infiltration of the human-run Deep Black weapon consortium. I left my beloved Groshin behind and offered my services as an upgrade and refit specialist for their smuggled weapons. My role was primarily investigation, but within a year, the information I provided led to the removal of half of the outfit's shot-callers and the destruction of every one of their warehouses by way of 'grenade malfunction.' Once again, my aptitude was recognized and rewarded. I was placed in deep cover, responsible for keeping in contract with other cover information assets and keeping them alive. It was by my own suggestion that I was placed in a fields team, where I could keep developing and testing tech for STG to profit from. My superior at the time was thrilled with the idea."


"Why do I do it, despite the danger? I mean true, I could be killed on a mission, discovered by an enemy government or the people I use add a shield, or displease the STG in a way that makes them feel I would best be handled with elimination... Well, honestly, that is a terrifying tought...  I do it for the experiences. You can never truly know the world, certainly never predict what may come in an efficient way, if you don't experience it firsthand. It's all well and good to craft a mine that will vaporize what stands on it, but if you always assume that the target will be centered over the blast, you'll cause more injury than painless death. No need for excessive suffering, is there.

And, in truth, it is an honor to serve my people. The Salarians are constantly on the front end of progress and growth. Keeping them there, preventing setbacks, is my own little contribution to the benefit of the galaxy as a whole. I believe it is or shortened lifespans that show us to undergo cultural evolution so much faster than, say, the Asari. More testing, admittedly, is required. Probably not by me, though. Maybe I can recruit an Elcor. Have him watch over the course of three hundred years our so..."

Stats: Sharp +2, Hot -1, Cool +1, Hard +1, Will +1

Mana T'Lyria
Jade Courtenay
Erick Boudabras Hx +2
Mara T'Saeri Hx+2
Alessandra Parore Hx+3
Gavius Sanraka Hx+1

M-92 Mantis sniper rifle (3-harm far hi-tech)
M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud)
Light Combat Armor with shield generator (1-armor, 2-shields)
Chameleon Omni-tool


Consummate Liar: Whenever someone reads you with a move and asks you if you’re telling the truth, the answer is always “yes.”

Species Move: Short life, fast mind - Whenever you Read a Charged Situation take +2 instead of +1 when acting on the GM’s answers.

Devious Manipulator: Whenever you Seduce or Manipulate another, you may use Sharp instead of Hot.

Class Move Tactical Cloak: When you use your tactical cloak in battle, roll +Sharp. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On your turn, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

Class Move: Overload: When you Overload a character’s personal shields in battle, roll +Sharp. On a hit, the shields are destroyed, and may not be refreshed that battle.
On a 10+, the target also permanently loses 1-armor. A hit on Overload may also, at GM discretion, destroy holographic drones or fry electronic equipment.

Personal Move: Contact Network: You have developed an extensive network of allies and contacts who can provide help or resources in a pinch. When you take this move, choose one: Your contacts respect intelligence. Roll +Sharp when contacting them.

At the beginning of the session, or as soon thereafter as you are in a position to do so, you may contact your network and roll the appropriate stat.
On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold anytime during that session, 1 for 1, to:

On a miss, your network needs a favor in return. Lose access to this move until you satisfy them.

Custom Move: Into the Web: When Nailo tries to add a knowledgeable Salarian to his contract network, roll +Sharp.