Mercy Mercs

Malcolm Rennel's Mercy Mercs are a hold over from when Cerberus ransacked Omega. Made up of Ex-Alliance, Cerberus and Aria T'Loak's own Commandos, the group has recently signed on to the Siren.

The Mercy Mercs
2IC: Jona Merrick-Former Alliance Gunnery Chief, Hard as nails marine- busted Malcolm out of jail. He's the man in charge when Malcolm isn't there and he knows. Bit of an Ego, not a fan of aliens, but Malcolm keeps the chief in line. Jona and Malcolm have served together for more then six years, one of Malcolms advisors and face for the squad due to Malcolm being awkward in social occasions.

3IC: Valesh Janici-Asari Commando/Dancer-Malcolm's other advisor, deals with the Alien Clients. She heads up Aria's girls but is oddly loyal to Malcolm, Malcolm trusts her with his life. Valesh is sleeping with Malcolm and trying to help him overcome his odd twitches in social occasions. The Asari in the squad make a game of teasing and delighting the squad leader. Malcolm more often then not plays along.

Col Ivers-Former Alliance Marine, demolitions expert-Served along with Malcolm and Jona, tends to be quiet and observant. He hated being in Cerebrus and anyone still claiming membership to them he would likely kill. Very Jadded about the whole experience, Sees other alliance soldiers as kin.

Jeffery Daniels-Former Alliance Marine-a mercenary through and through, followed Jona after the Alliance because it made sense. If the money isn't good he's probably as good as gone.

Corvin Maxwell-Former Alliance Marine-Corvin is a bundle of nervous energy, Malcolm feels sorry for him mostly. He's good under fire though, almost lives for battle. If one didn't know better one would think he is a Krogan, wants to settle down and start a family some day.

Allison 'Rigs' Danvers-Former Cerbrus/Tech expert-Good soldier, dosen't really know what to do with her life yet. The end of the Reaper Wars hasn't really sunk in yet, a genuinly good person trying to do the right thing.

Sekho Niin-Drell Scout-Sort of the Odd man out, Squads recon expert, but is one of Aria's. To him this is all just a job until his boss says otherwise.

Lenorra Edorix-Asari Commando/Dancer-One of Aria's girls, a in maiden stage of life, likes to party. She enjoys the girls game they make of Malcolm.

Kieenly Ma'titas-Asari Commando/Dancer-One of Aria's Girls, Early Middle stage of life, not the biggest fan of Aria, oddly loyal to Malcolm. Her and Valesh often take advantage of  Malcolm's situation to get whatever they can out of him. She is a hedonist and somewhat lazy.

Useyma Corliran-Asari Commando/Dancer-one of Aria's girls, Loyal to Valesh first and foremost. In Maiden  stage of life and is exceedingly shy for an Asari, but views the other girls like sisters. The first time in her life she feels accepted for being pure-blooded.