Name: Malcolm Rennel  Species: Human Age: 33  Class: Sentinel


Persona: Former Alliance Marine, Mercy Merc and Pilot

“You wanna know about me? Why?  Uhhhh…fine, I’m a pilot. You already knew that? Then why the hell would you ask? Where am I from? Terra Ferma. What do you mean elaborate? What does that have to do with anything? Fine…the whole thing…wow…ok. I’m from Billings City, Terra Ferma. Did I have a normal childhood, well depends on your idea of normal upbringing, I never had a father. My mother claims she was visited by aliens. Later they found out about a scandal by some doctor giving about fifty different women in the city Invetro babies. Guy claims to have worked for the Alliance, no proof of it you know, unless you count the Big Eezo accident of 2159. You know the one where all fifty of those women happened to be exposed. Poor bastards.”

“What was growing up like? A lot of needles and shock therapy. What no I’m not joking, well after I was born I was one of 37 kids that actually survived to birth. We were all taken in by a company called Genecorps. I was pumped full of all kinds of stuff by the time I was 8, 8 years old and they kept doing experiments to a child. Bah, whatever, it’s the stuff they did afterwards that really pissed me off. When they got finished with their ‘gene therapy’ we were trained. If we didn’t do what they wanted they’d beat us or use shock collars until they got the results they wanted. Dumped us into mazes filled with poison gas or filling with water to figures stuff out. They weren’t just testing our biotics, but mental and physical limits to. 37 kids went, only 19 came out, I was one of the lucky ones. Got so many scars I look like a damn jig-saw puzzle, to cap it all off, we were outfitted with the L2 Implants.”

“Of the Alliance uncovered the wonderful conspiracy when I was 17, all a big story, Alliance were they heroes of the day. Genecorps disbanded all kinds of criminal charges, and of course we all became wards of the state. Too bad we didn’t get anything nice like Grissom Academy, we got draft notices. They only real choice we got was which service branch we wanted. Me I took Flight Ops, that really seemed to annoy me recruiter, wanted a marine.”

“Graduated from basic training and flight school at 20, I was transferred to SSV Comanche as an Airman 1st Class. My CO was Captain Robert Alberts, he questioned me about my tech scores and biotics why airforce. I told him the same thing I told my recruiter, I was tired of being shot, stabbed, cut up just because of Biotics, I was tired of my L2 always firing up when I got stressed out. The Captain was cool about the whole thing, put me on transport duty. Flew one of the old UT-41 Hornet’s you think the Kodiak’s a sluggish bitch, ha, the hornet flew like a sack of hammers. Carried a lot though.”

“Next ship I served on was the SSV Georgetown, Cruiser, that Captain was abit of an ass. Made me a combat pilot for his marines. 3 years, 98 combat drops, more than fours times that of any other pilot. Drop 99, shot down in Batarian space in 2178, me a squad of marines left behind enemy lines. Biotics became really hand then. We weren’t even supposed to be there, lucky for us, we were able to steal a Batarian transport and made our way back to Alliance space. Got awarded a Silver Star, Purple Heart and full officer commission because of that. Didn’t like the idea, but I was offered a spot in the Spec ops at the Villa in Rio. Everyone else was shocked a flight jockey got the go, but who was I to argue. I did the thing, man long ass days let me tell you. Got some upgraded Holo-gear and my Omni-tool, love that thing. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant and given command of a marine squad, technically argued against that, but orders are orders they said, you’re a marine now.  Thought it was the worst five years of my life, boy was I wrong.”

“Spent five years leading marine squads into combat, got promoted to Staff Lieutenant, that was pretty sweet. Got assigned to a Marine detachment in 2183 full combat support under Lt.Commander Numbnuts, that’s what everyone called him. Kid was some silver spoon fed reject, some admirals little boy, I was an N6 finally, lookin’ to pick up my 7 soon. Awarded another bronze star, Medal of valor in my carrier. This twiggi’ bugger ruined my life in one mission. The Geth War, we were called in to evac a research station in Beltran cluster, 189 personnel. Our combat group was 52 marines, we were order to hold the station until the refugees could be pulled back. Our LC ordered our own withdrawal less than five minutes in. I said no, he yelled, I knocked him out took charge. We deployed further into the station and engaged the Geth, great deal of resistance. We secured enough corridors to start the evac, we lost 10 marines…..34 civies. But we got everyone else out, last Alliance mission I was on.”

“Got home and admiral’s little boy had a wonderful little report, among the dead scientists were Turian and Salarian, couldn’t pronounce their names even if I cared. But someone sure did and to keep things coped, the Alliance needed a scape goat, I was court martialed, dishonorably discharged and handed over to the Turians for trial. Let me tell you how well that worked out, 28 years in a Turian heavy labor penal colony. So much for being special forces, was only allowed one visitor a year. Had a shock collar back on, Mass effect suppression fields to suppress biotics and used as a Turian punching bag. Learned how to shank up real quick, bugs have got a lot weak points on the legs and lower abdomen. Guards and prisoners, you do what you have to, a year I got a visit from one of my old soldiers. Gunnery Chief Jona Merrick, he told me he left the alliance and got a new job. He asked me if I wanted a job, he’d need a pilot. I asked him when, he told in a year, that I’d have to hold out for one more year. He gave the names of two other cons like myself, link up with them and stay alive.”

“2185, something happened, the penal colonies perimeter field failed, couple of explosions later. The chief and a full squad of Cerebrus soldiers were springing us loose. I was the pilot for the getaway, man things could have gone better. Hell, I suppose Cerebrus was the only real choice at that point. We managed to get out, we met up with a Cerebrus cruiser, the Elbrus. We apparently agreed to work for an old Alliance commander, General Oleg Petrovsky. By all accounts this guy was an Alliance Legend, could never figure out what Cerebrus had on him. We got word that our job was real simple, recover a done of something called Reaper Tech. We were assigned Avernus Station on the other side of the Omega four relay. Examining Reaper tech for a race of beings called the Collectors, their base got fucked up by Commander Shepard. See how long I was out of circulation, last time I heard Shepard was dead.”

“Spent almost five months pulling wreckage apart to get useful crap for the science geeks, work was like being in an old horror holo. Creepy wrecks, seeing and hearing shit that wasn’t there on the station. We had to undergo psyche evals every thirty days. Those idiots were breeding some kind of alien, An Ajudant they called them. Damn fools, frigging things got loose. Hell we didn’t save many but a few. The Elbrus had to come save us, don’t know how they got the distress signal from the other side of the relay, but we were glad to see them. Things apparently changed, Cerebrus was working in concert with some crazy Asari, then we turned on here and grabbed some garbage scow of a station. Omega became the new ops center. They started transferring soldiers out and bringing in these cyber enhanced assholes. They were crossing lines. They barricaded civies in and opening fire on innocent people just cause. Well my squad and I fired back, covered some batarian and Salarian refugees. Some much for being Cerebrus.”

“We were singled out for extermination, given our previous association we weren’t exactly welcomed by the natives either. But when Cerebrus hit squads wandered the streets, Aliens welcomed us real quick. Apparently the Asari bitch got her station back, we helped with her uprising, punted what Cerebrus was left from the station. Aria made a deal with us, we help, she gives us a place to stay. Now the call us Mercy Mercs, Aria even loaned us a few of her girls to round out the squad. It’s interesting to be sure.”

“What’s my motivation for being here? Are you serious? Where the hell else am I going, you’re talking to one of the most hated and wanted men in the Galaxy…you know, what’s left of it. We do what we can to keep everyone safe and on the level. Aria doesn’t ask much, we do jobs, they barely pay..but well at least we’re doing our part. Piracy? Why not everyone else is killing each other for less. Look either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain right?"

Stats: Cool +2, Hard +1, Hot -2, Sharp +2, Will +1




Species Move: Will to Power: You are exactly the sort of human that gives your species their current galactic reputation. At the beginning of the session, roll +Will. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time that session, spend your hold 1 for 1 to get an automatic 10+ on act under fire, intimidate, or seize by force.

Humans are new to the galactic stage and need to be constantly making friends and connections lest the other species turn on them. Grant +2 instead of +1 whenever you Aid Another.

Class Move: Tech Armor: When you go into battle, you strengthen your armor with special holographic layers. Roll +Sharp.
This bonus lasts the entire battle, and refreshing your shield will include the bonus. At any time during the battle you may purge the excess energy. Select one character within close range per bonus shield and inflict 2-harm to them. This ends the move for the rest of the battle. Not compatible withBarrier or Fortification.

Class Move: Shockwave: You may use Shockwave as if it were a weapon that does (3-harm close area implanted messy).

A Shockwave sends out a series of explosive biotic impacts in front of the user ignoring any obstacles. It can be unleashed along the ground to launch all enemies in its path into the air, or used against airborne targets.

When you inflict harm using Shockwave as a result of another move, choose 1:
Add (s)-harm
Hit one additional character of your choice
You take less damage from your enemies -1harm

Personal Move: A No Slaco Pilot: When operating a vehicle…

Squad Leader-Default: Mercy Mercs Small Gang (2 Harm 1 Armour)

When your squad fights for you, roll +Hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend your hold 1 for 1 to make your squad:

On a miss, your orders get misunderstood or garbled or otherwise confused.