The polar opposite of Alice, Lissandra Parore (Their parents thought it was hilarious) is personable, outgoing, and very outwardly a compassionate woman. Their personalities aside, the only thing that differentiates these two from one another is Alice's scars, and Lissa's ever-changing hairstyle and color. Originally something that they decided would help people tell them apart, it has since become something of a habit for the other Sister.

Originally a promising Alliance medical doctor with an interest in xenobiology, Alice has since lost contact with Lissa, and isn't entirely sure what happened to her.

Since joining the crew, finding Lissa has become something of a secret mission. The Marine makes no attempt to hide her ex-Alliance status, but her family is something else entirely. Something she wouldn't exactly want a band of mercenaries aware of a less forceful, less assertive version of her.

It gives her all sorts of murderous thoughts.