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The Irreverent

Light duty privateer and pirate ship
Frame: Corvette - Power +2 (Rugged, Easily Repaired,) looks +1 (Muscular,) 2/1-armor, weakness +2 (Guzzler, Cramped)
Defenses: Ablative Armor: 1-armor (DEW), 2-armor (kinetic), Kinetic Barrier Shields (2-shields)
Armament: Point Defense Turrett (Small, 3-harm, close), Mass Accelerator Cannon (medium, 3-harm, far), Disruptor Torpedos (Medium, 4-harm[Shields], close)
Sensors: Passive (far, quiet, average), Active (far, loud, poor)
Quarters: eight standard bunk rooms, six staterooms, lounge, and recreation / storage pool

The Irreverent is a light-weight, fast attack corvette used primarily as a cargo ship assault vehicle. It has operated in the Terminus Systems for over twenty years and has earned a fair reputation under several captains. Captain Darrius Murdock was the last known operator under the direction of Helena van Orstsen.