Mana didn't steal it. Not really. She won it fair and square. Of course, the original owner, Helena van Orsten, wants it back anyway. Helena is not the nicest person in the galaxy. Or nice at all. But she is pretty. Maybe not as pretty as Mana, but hey, they only slept together the one time.

The ship was christened the UNCS Sapphire Rose and was originally built, three years ago, by the Dartmouth Orbital Ironworks, as a cutting edge scout, combat, and anti-piracy vessel. In a great twist of irony, it was captured by the notorious pirate Helena van Orsten, who renamed it the Penzance and used it to terrifying effect as a shipping raider, taking cargo and prisoners of many species.

When Mana won it from her, admittedly, Helena was drunk and very horny, so her judgement might have been compromised in their card game. Mana got out of Dodge, namely the Dodge Comet Lodge, a haven for adventurers and ne'er-do-wells in the asteroid belt of a yellow dwarf star in a barely known region of space. Her crew was already with her, and they went from regular mercenaries to mercenaries with a cutting-edge ship in no time. She again renamed the ship, to the Siren.

Helena's Gang:
The Irreverent - Darrius Murdock