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Combat Moves

Heat builds up while firing a weapon due to increased friction that will eventually cause the weapon to overheat. When overheated, a weapon will not fire, requiring a cooldown period before it can be used again. This leaves the user vulnerable, so a good strategy for armed combat is to use short controlled bursts of fire to prevent excess heat build up. Alternatively, weapon upgrades such as a Heat Sink or Frictionless Materials increase heat absorption, allowing the player to fire more shots before their gun overheats. However, some upgrades such as Scram Rail or a High Caliber Barrel decrease heat absorption, making guns overheat faster. Other upgrades may indirectly affect heat build up by slowing down or speeding up rate of fire - it might be a good idea to pair up upgrades that speed up overheat with ones that slow down rate of fire (thus partially countering the effect, while gaining the - usually susbstantial - benefits of both).

Ammunition Moves

You can only have one Ammo move attached to a weapon at a time. Changing Ammo moves in mid-battle counts as acting under fire.

Armor-Piercing Ammo: Harm from the weapon adds the (ap) quality.

Cryo Ammo: Harm from the weapon adds the (s) damage quality.

Disruptor Ammo: Harm from the weapon adds the +disruptor tag.

Incendiary Ammo:  Adds the +burn tag. Harm from the weapon permanently destroys 2-armor on the target.

Shredder Ammo:A weapon loaded with shredder ammo does +1harm against targets with no shields, barriers, or armor.

Individual Moves

Battle-Hardened: When you act under fire, roll +Hard instead of roll +Cool

Carnage: In battle, you count as a small gang with harm and armor appropriate to your equipment and moves.

Fortification: When you go into battle, you activate the Foucault currents in your armor. Roll +Hard. On a 10+, gain +2-shield, on a 7-9, gain +1-shield. This bonus lasts the entire battle, and refreshing your shield will include the bonus. At any time during the battle you may purge the currents through your gauntlets for increased melee damage. Inflict +1harm in melee per point of bonus shield purged. This ends the move for the rest of the battle. Not compatible with Barrier or Tech Armor.

Heavy Weapon Specialist: You can use Heavy Weapons with relative safety without needing to act under fire. Furthermore, when you go into battle, roll +Hard. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. You can spend your hold, 1 for 1, on the following options:

Heavy weapons are inherently dangerous, however. The GM is encouraged to use hold generated by a failure on this move in particularly dramatic ways.

Combat Specialist Moves

Concussive Shot: When you declare that you are using Concussive Shot with a weapon and then inflict harm with another move, choose 1:

Marksman: When you seize by force, you may add the following options to that move’s list: