Sample Character...

The Concept.

Regina Arlington, is a former comstar pilot, that has decided that they have strayed from the word of blake, and are no longer worthy of her blessed services.  She has decided to take leave their services, taking her Valkyrie with her.

The player envisions Regina as being a sort of blessed Joan of Arc religious zealot with Blake sitting on her shoulder to guide her in battle, to spread the glory of his name, and seek converts to the Word of Blake.

Step One:  Pick an Archetype. From a superficial view, because of her relationship with Comstar, a Tech Warrior looks like it might be a good fit.  It however does not fit the concept well because the archetype sacrifices character development for mech development.  A seasoned mechwarrior is more well rounded and a better fit, so we'll go with that.

Step Two:  Pick out the ability scores.  She's going to need decent accuracy to hit things.  Any battletech player knows that gunnery is the key to success to winning a game.  We wont ignore Phsyical ability, because it is the key to winning initiative which will gain you positioning, which some will consider at least as important.  We would like to invest in some mental ability, but if xp runs tight.  It will be the first ability score cut.

We settle on spending 200xp on ability scores to get us Accuracy 3, Physical 2, and Mental 2.  That leaves us 150xp for Options.

Step Three:  I wont contest that Energy weapons are the most desirable in the game.  The question is, are they worth spending the extra option slot, and double the experience to develop?  Regina thinks not, and will decide to go on the Missile Specialist route.  We also decide that she wont ever pilot anything larger than a Valkyrie, and will take Medium Mech Specialist.  We like tactics as her last option, which we will roleplay as Blake guiding her actions on the battle field.

We spend the following 150xp for Options, Edge 0, Missiles 2 (75 xp) w/Clutch (15 xp) and Deadly shot (35 xp), Medium Mech Spec 1 (25 xp), and Tactics 0 (0 xp)

We could also decide to reduce her mental ability score to 0, to allow us to develop her missile specialty, without losing her edge and tactics.

Her xp is all spent, time to look at spending her money.

Step Four: She has 3.2 million comstar bills (cb).  We see that a seasoned Mechwarrior can spend money to increase their edge and tactics.  What a happy coincidence.

At the cost of 600k cb, we can increase her Edge and Tactics from zero to one.  So we do so.

Step Five: That leaves us with 2.6 millcion cb.  The cost of a Valkyrie-QA is 2,205,320 and the availability roll is 6+.  She rolls a 6 and purchases the Mech she desires leaving her with a subtotal of 394,680 c-bills. She now has four availability rolls to spend before her first contract.

Step Six: Regina spends another 100k cb to purchase 10 Mech familiarity points, leaving her 294,680 cb..  She spends 3 of these points and 120k cb on Team Player, gaining the Bodyguard Speciality and leaving her 174,680 cb and 7 Mech Familiarity points for future development.

Step Seven:  Calculating Secondary characteristics has Regina with a Leadership Value of 0, a Modification Cap of 3 tons,  Characfter Storage Space of 3 tons, a Technical Skill of 0, Base Pay Modifier of ##, and Handicapwill be given to her when her character is accepted.

Step Eight: Regina decides to add CASE to her Mech.  Normally one cannot add a critical slot to any locations except Arms and Legs but CASE is an exception.  It has a weight of 0.5 tons, a cost of 50,000, and an availability roll of 7+.    Regina rolls a 10 and pays another (50,000 cb * Mech Weight / 100) 15,000 cb to attempt to inzstal it.  Regina converts one of her availability rolls to two repair rolls, needing a target of (7 - Technical Skill) 7+.  She rolls a 4 on her first roll and a 10 on her second attempt.  In order to accommodate the 0.5 ton modification she removes the CT jump jet, keeping her jump jets balanced.  This leaves her with 109,680 cb and two availability rolls.

Step Eight: Her Mech comes with ammunition to start.  However multiple missions may occupy each contract.  She decides to use her last availability roll to purchase armour to fix her Mech between missions.  The cost of armour for repair is 10,000 cb per ton and a base availability of 6+.  She tries to purchase 1.5 tons of armour (availability 6+1) and rolls a 6.
Deciding to spend her Edge she makes her roll a 7, obtaining the 1.5 tons to add to her inventory.  She spends 15,000 cb to leave her with a  bank of 94,680 cb.

Regina has one automatic (8+) roll for ammunition or armor and chooses to buy one reload of standard LRM missiles (availability 6+) for 30,000 cb leaving her with a final bank of 64,680 cb. Her inventory consists of one jump jet, 1.5 tons of standard armour, and 1 ton of LRM ammo for a total of 3.0 tons of stored inventory.