The character's Archetype defines how many options the character is allowed.  Options are incredibly important and help to define the character by developing their focus of interest.  After a character has developed an option, they may elect to develop a specialty related to that option, which will further develop the unique identity of the character.  Even if a players decides not to develop an option during character creation, they must be selected and are noted with 'zero' levels of development.

Cost for General Options

00 xp cost for a Level 0 Option   ( 0 xp total)

+25xp cost for a Level 1 Option   (25 xp total)

+50xp cost for a Level 2 Option   (75 xp total)

You may have one related Specialty for each point you have in the option, not counting Mech Familiarity.  More advance specialties will have prerequisites that must be taken before they may be developed.

The Edge option is special as it is where your spare XP is kept.  You may spend your Edge Option permanently to purchase another option as long as you have enough Edge to support any Edge specialities.  Some Archetypes have other limitations regarding the expenditure of Edge.

You may purchase Mech Familiarity points during character generation based on your archetype.  During play each point costs 25,000 c-bills with a limit of one per mission.

Mech Familiarity points are described here.