Mission Construction Rules

Step One ~ Merc Commanders will define how difficult they desire a Mission to be.

Dif. Max Tonnage         Budget  Op Force
                                Adj. Leader
5 110% of Merc unit 110% 8
4 100% of Merc unit 100% 7
3 90% of Merc unit 90 % 6
2 80% of Merc unit 80 % 5
1 70% of Merc unit 70 % 4
0 60% of Merc unit 60 % 3
1 65% of Merc unit 100% 3
2 60% of Merc unit 90 % 2
3 55% of Merc unit 80 % 2
4 50% of Merc unit 70 % 1
5 45% of Merc unit 60 % 1

Difficulty of mission will be adjusted by Battle Master and Merc Unit Handicaps.

Step Two ~ Decide on the Objectives of your mission.

This is actually the hardest part.  Figuring out what the unit is trying to do and how to translate it into the mission objectives.  Common objectives can be the destruction of specific static targets, or the scouting out of the lay of the land, or the destruction of non-combat units being protected.

While it can be something as simple as seek and engage the opforce, such skirmishes are with out purpose, and with out a clean objective to guide the missions can be a murky mess on when is an appropriate time to disengage from a mission.  (It is in a players nature to linger and fight to the bitter end to gain a 'victory' from such a mission, which can be bad for their long term survival, so i present missions sparingly)

Step Three ~ Starting Base Budget is 11.2 Million cb.

This base amount is adjusted by the mission difficulty (See step one)
This base amount is adjusted by the number of mechs the mercs are putting out

Battlemasters may 'bid' a lower base budget to gain an advantage over the selection of merc units they will face.

Step Four ~ Bids are looked at considered, and 'low bids' will 'win'.
From lowest to highest, BMs will select a merc unit to play their mission.
They may not select their own unit.
Their selection may not strand the last BM with their own merc unit as a selection for their mission.

Step Five ~ Calculate the Max Tonnage and Budget you have to work with.

Determine the mission handicap after factoring in the BM and Merc Unit Handicap.

Maximum Tonnage of Op Force is may not exceed a percentage of the Mercs + Freelancers unit assigned to the mission.

Base or Bid Budget (x Mission Adjustment) (x Merc Unit size Adjustment) = Base Budget for units.

Merc Unit size adjustement
(x.75 for 3 mech unit) (x1.25 for 5 mech unit)(x1.5 for 6 mech unit)

The minimal number of Op Force units allowed is equal to the number of Mercs in the unit.
The maximum number of Op Force units allowed is equal to a company of Mechs/Cavalry

Pay Out Calculations...
Base Pay = 2000 cb x Pay modifier {For each month of real time that passes}

Paymodifier = Accuracy + Physical + Mental + Rank + 1 (for each level 2 Option) + Mech adjustment.

Mech adjustment
+1 for 20 to 25 tons
+2 for 30 to 35 tons
+3 for 40 to 45 tons
+4 for 50 tons
+2 for 55 tons
+0 for 60+tons

Mission pay out
Pay modifier x {success x difficulty rating of mission / 2} {minimum of one}
{Levels of success range from Total (4) ~> Decisive (3) ~> Substantial (2) ~> Marginal (1) ~> Draw (.5) ~> Defeat (.25)}

Combat Bonus
{1/2 split to unit and 1/2 to character with credited kill, as determined by BM}
10% value of destroyed units
20% value of disabled {captured} units

Footnote:  Conventional Characters are normally not included in the calculation and receive 1/10th of unit awards.

Base Experience for Roleplaying
(1)   post = 1xp
(3)   post = 2xp
(6)   post = 3xp
(10)  post = 4xp
(15+) post = 5xp

Best RP {as determined by BM or Player} = number of players on mission.

Base Experience for Combat
Mission difficulty                  = +1 xp for each level of difficulty (1~5)
Player scored damage during mission = +1 xp
Mech destroyed = +1 xp per weight class {also +1 xp for entire unit}
Mech disabled  = +2 xp per weight class {also +2 xp for entire unit}
50 tons of conventional destroyed = +1 xp for entire unit

Conventional notes
x2 tonnage value for Hover units
x3 tonnage value for VTOL units
x2 tonnage value for conventional units captured/disabled

MVP {as determined by BM or players} = number of players on mission.

Battle Masters that complete their mission in a satisfactory manner, earn BM Points.

Based on Mission performance.
Primary Objectives are worth   0~4 (+ number of player lances/rounded up)
Secondary Objectives are worth 0~2 {usually keep unit intact}
Tertiary Objectives are worth  0~1 {usually good RP}

(1) BM = 2xp for one of their characters.
(1) BM = 20,000 cb for one of their mechwarriors, or 2,000 for a conventional one.

For most missions, i will take a player poll on opinions regarding the Best RP and MVP of the mission.  Players will vote in private the to BM/GM conducting the survey and vote their conscience.  They may not vote for themselves, but may vote for any other player in the missions.


The mech weight will be multiplied by the players Handicap to determine their effective weight used for mission calculations.

Characters base Handicap starts at x1.00 and is modified by the following

Total Character XP:
+.001 for each xp above 400
-.001 for each xp below 300

Advance Tech on Mech:
+0.100for each IS DS/HS
+0.050 for 0.5t saved from Endo Steel
+0.025 for an Heirloom Mech
+0.015 for each Mech Perk

Player Handicap:
+0.00 Handicap for new players and will be adjusted up or down based on how effective they are in the campaign, as determined by me.