The campaign is one of resource management, character development, and tactical combat.

There is quite a bit of room for strategy regarding how you handle your resources.  There is no right or wrong way to go about it.  You just focus on what's important to you and have fun.  If ... you make a mistake, talk to me about it and we'll see what can be done.

Your resources are...
Your Bank, how many Comstar Bills you have available to purchase your starting mech, modifiy your mech, purchase starting options for the character, and to make bids on the auction for non standard technology.

Your Experience Points, the currency you use to develop your character.  To purchase up their base ability scores, as well as the character options, and specialties which are the things that really define the character and make them unique from one another.

Your Mech, bought initially from your starting bank, after you have it you're allowed to customize and modify it to your liking as your resources will allow.  The obvious limit being how much you have in your bank to finance the mods.  There is also a 'cap' on how much you can modify the mech, which is based on how much tech know how your characters have.

Lastly there's the mission.  You take the character and mech you've been developing into a mission and fight to achieve the unit objectives.  You earn rewards as a unit, but individual performance is not over looked.

Game follows 'real' time.  Add 1015 years to the calendar year, and that's the game year.

As of this writing the year is 3030.  The Clans have not come (they may NEVER come).  Their technology is not available.  Even Inner sphere Advance Technology does not exist (except in limited prototype testing).  No endo steel, no ferro fib, no double strength heat sinks as you know them.  Beta versions of them do exist, along with other advance technologies.

Aerotechs are not in use (too specialized and too short lived)

Battletechs need to be date appropriate, and 'available'.  Most 3025 mechs are available at this time, and small numbers of Advance (3050) versions of these mechs are being experimented with and not available.

Conventional units with Fusion engines DO NOT EXIST.  (It makes no sense to put a valuable resource like a Fusion engines into a vehicle.  Tech is as hard to come by they're not going to be wasting them on an fragile vehicle, when they can be used for more durable mechs.)

Infantry operate in (7) men squads and can be a threat when deployed in force.  Particularly if they have fire support.