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1778 John Marke born.

1781 Charles Gray born.
1782 James Crivelli born.
1785 William Hood born.

1786 Rev. David Arabin born.
1787 Catherine Rossiter born.
1788 John Marke sent to Eton.

1791 Charles Gray sent to Eton.
1792 Claire Montigny born.
1793ish John Marke studies at Oxford.
1794 Elizabeth Thwaite born.
1795 Emma North born 25th of November.
1795 September McKellen born.

1796 Felicity Thornton born.
1796 Angeline Walsh born.
1796 Emma's mother, Lady Winifred (nee Buchannan), dies of an illness and 1796 Emma is blinded as a result of the same disease, 20th of March.
1796ish Charles studies at Oxford.

1802 September and Charles argue over apples.
1803 William joins 2nd Dragoon Guards as a Lieutenant (purchased commission).
1804 Claire's mother dies.
1804 Elizabeth's parents move the family away from Allton
1805 Felicity's father dies.
1805 Mary Wholters, William's sweetheart moves to India with her new husband.

1806 James Crivelli flees Italy.
1806 Catherine Rossiter flees from London.
1806 Charles Joins the 10th Hussars.
1807 Catherine Rossiter becomes governess to Marianne and Robert Marke.
1807 James joins the Royal Navy, serving aboard the HMS Colossus as a midshipman due to a shortage of crew.
1808 Felicity sent to London.
1808 Charles' regiment embarks for Spain.
1809 Charles returns from Spain, his father dies and he takes over Graydown. Meets William on ship home.
1809 William is badly wounded in the Battle of Corunna (16 January); spends the year in hospital in London.

1811 Elizabeth marries Albert, a vicar.
1811 Lady Emma makes her d├ębut; her first season was considered a flop as too many of the matriarchs feared that any children Emma bore would be blind as well.
1812 Elizabeth's husband dies on a mission in Africa.
1812 James promoted to First Lieutenant aboard the Colossus, before losing an arm during the successful capture of the Emilie. James spends the next year in London recovering.
1813 James leaves hospital and is offered lodging at Fellwood from his mother's nephew.
1813 After serving 2 1/2 years in a POW camp in France, William returns to London and retire from the Army (15, March) by selling his commission.
1813 Elizabeth moves back to Allton.

1813 September 6th. Dinner/Dance at McKellen Court.
1813 September 8th. Threats issued against murder investigators.
1813 September 12th. Dr Arabin installed as Allton Vicar.
1813 September 14th. Most Allton residents arrive London Little Season.
1813 September 15th Wednesday. Hyde Park riding ‘accident’.
1813 September 16th Thursday. Catherine and Charles arrive London.
1813 September 17th Friday. William writes a trap letter.
1813 September 20th Monday. Lady Wallingford’s Party.
1813 September 21st Tuesday. Vauxhall Gardens Walk.
1813 September 23rd Thursday. Marianne’s Birthday (off stage, convalescing at seaside).
1813 September 24th Friday. Allton residents return home after epidemic scare.
1813 September 25th Saturday. Allton Village Harvest Festival.

1813 9September 26th Sunday. Rackwode arrives in Allton.

1813 9September 27th Monday. St Ledger horse race, Yorkshire (off stage).