Group 1a: Claiming a Domain by Three Rivers
Darius De Tanga(Order)Mage Warlord
Yolande of the Sternwaters(Lunar)Witch
Vadda Dibria Lartia(Chelm / Spirit)Spirit Binder

Current Objective: Hunt down Lunar Witch who harmed Yolande

Group 1b: Claiming a Domain by Oskaig
Marak Tarai(Elemental)Hivemind Overlord
Daitashi Mioko(Elemental)Deadly Bodyguard
Saelocfeax(Totem / Panther)Master of Curses

Current Objective: Establish trade and gain allies in the Totem Lands
Subgoal: Conquer Sefrica's pride to win Saelocfeax's hand

Group 2C: Expedition to Tenric Hills to acquire materials
Serilda Malius(Order)Alchemist/Artificer
Cenric(Totem / Gorilla)Wilderness Lord
Kelauniira Aleanrahel(Crystal)Crystalmancer

Current objective: Reach the Tenric Hills
Subgoal: Gain information on the town of Caergrawnt

Group 3D: Seeking further enlightenment (Inactive)
Huang(Dragon-Blooded)World of Darkness (Mage) Enlightened Monk

Current objective: None, on hold.

Group 4E: Resettling his people

Current objective: Gain supplies and survey new land
Subgoal: Investigate Dinosaur-creatures in next door valley
Met Group 1A

Group 5F/N: On Missions for the Darkness...
Lothar???Dark Lord
Yagon???Multiple personalities...
Kaerek(Life)Deadly Bodyguard

Current objective: Defeat Jarl; Rescue a Ice Sister
Subgoals: None

Group 6G: Reclaim a Trade Hub overrun by monsters (Elephant Men and Centipedes)
Gaius(Order)Charter Mage
Cassia(Order)Bodyguard and Minder
Chayyliel(Lunar)Battle Witch
Vitellius(Blood)Ex-Legionnaire and Bestari

Current objective: Gain information and allies to retake the City of Caervran from an invading force of Elephant Men and their Centipede allies.
NOTES: Probably need 'a warrior or two specializing in defense, a decent healer, someone  who is good at rapid construction work, and perhaps a warding specialist'

Group 7H: On a Path...
Two Eyes(Lunar)Seeker of Mysteries
Thorne(Lunar)Aggressive Negotiator (Sith Lord)

Current objective: Get away from the sea...
Subgoals: Find common ground?

NPCs for Group 6G:
Murcel Vitus Lupus (Age 11) - With the family talent for shapeshifting into a canine, Murcel might be useful to have along if you want something sniffed out, and he is fairly tough for a kid.
Sabina Lusius Mallius (Age 12) - a surprisingly skilled alchemist for her age, with some talent for alchemical magic.