Past and Present Inhabitants of Pesce Puzzolente:

Felicia and Horatio - Marietta's parents, probably deceased
Elena - Marietta's younger sister, currently living with Juliette
Raphael and Nico - Marietta's older brothers, currently in the employ of the Falisci

Heinrich and Ilsa Reinhart - a pair of retired members of the Guild who like it when people follow protocol

Alessandro and Teresa Biandi - former residents of Pesce Puzzolente, Alessandro was related to Horatio and Teresa was Felicia's sister, witnessed Felicia and Horatio's wedding, both deceased (Alessandro at sea, Teresa in childbirth with her second child)

Sister Hisselpenny - a nun who works at the Merchant Authority, likes Penny Dreadfuls, friend of Dante

Ottavio - son of the former owner of the Mermaid's Pearl, has a beef with Raff, works for Haythem

Father Botechelli - local priest, thought Father Angelo was someone named Dominic Corattzi

Dominic Corattzi - not a resident of Pesce Puzzolente, but known to have visited at least once, witnessed Alessandro's wedding