Miranda Lucani - The Broken

Miranda Antonia Lucani was a child born to David Brioche Riché du Paroisse and Isabella Alighieri Lucani. Always rather hot headed, David was slain in a duel to an unknown opponent  when Miranda was barely five. The widow Isabella--still young and pretty--was, after two years of mourning, encouraged to remarry (to a Vodacce this time, to strengthen the Lucani's ties to their neighbors) and Isabella's sister-in-law, Tatiana Lucani (née Villanova) suggested her cousin, Niccolo Villanova, and, after a year long courtship, the two were married--Miranda was eight.  There were many things that Isabella appreciated about her new husband. For one, after the first few years, Niccolo rarely demanded his conjugal rights. For another, he was often absent, either dutifully serving his Prince or off on 'hunting trips' with his friends. Isabella assumed that they were whoring for at least a few of these trips, as Niccolo had no official mistress and seemed...uninterested in the courtesans who passed his way. But most importantly, Niccolo loved Miranda as his own, bringing her gifts, and often taking her with him on many of his travels.

As time passed, Miranda grew into a pretty enough specimen of Vodacce womanhood, small and delicate, like a bird. She had few enough elements of her Montaigne heritage, with her glossy, nutmeg curls and distinctive Vodacce nose--though there was a little something about the set of her mouth, the line of her profile, oh, and her height. Miranda definitely got her height from her father--sadly, that height was not tall...was in fact rather short.

Recently, Miranda was discovered to have the powerful sorcerous talent of her mother's bloodline and was absent from court--and even private appearances--for nearly a year.  Discovering that she has the power to alter the strands of fate has done little to change Miranda's life.  She still dresses in conservative black (though now she wears a veil) and is never anywhere without wearing a pair of long opera gloves (an accessory she did not wear before her long absence).   Even before her talent was discovered, she was a dedicated student of the arts and is never seen anywhere without a musical instrument of some variety, her sketchbook, and box of drawing implements.  Miranda is a shy creature, rarely, if ever, meeting anyone's eyes or even engaging in conversation.