Marcello Villanova Reformed Playboy, Villanova Duelist

Once, not very long ago, Marcello Villanova (one of Giovanni’s young nephews) was known as the family playboy—irresponsible and feckless and frequently in the company of women (both married and unmarried). All that changed when Lucrezia Lucani was introduced to court. The little Fate Witch young and impressionable and innocent was supposed to be just another conquest for the Villanova rogue, but love often strikes at unexpected times and Marcello found himself far more involved with her than he ever expected. In fact, Marcello became so involved that he fought not one, but several duels over the affair. After one such duel, when Marcello was so badly injured that he was bedridden for weeks and nearly lost an arm, Lucrezia blessed his blade in an effort to keep him alive. More than once, Marcello applied to his uncle for permission to marry her, but each time negotiations fell through.

When Lucrezia was married to Pascale Falisci, Marcello was heartbroken. For nearly a month, Marcello secluded himself in his rooms. His parents and friends sent courtesans of surpassing beauty, but he refused them all, seeing only his sword master. When he finally emerged, Marcello was a changed man. Leaner and sharper, Marcello still had an easy smile and universally amusing sense of humor, but his eyes were cold and hard, a far cry from the bright and cheerful countenance he had before. Once uninterested in pursuing anything except for women, he began to take an active interest in advancing Giovanni’s agenda in both politics and trade.

A tall, dark and handsome man, Marcello has become a force to be reckoned with among the Villanova. He manages many of his uncle’s trade interests on the sea and overland and has fought more than one duel on behalf of his uncle. It is rumored that he is one of Giovanni’s Hands, but no one dares to ask. It is unknown whether he continues to carry a torch for Lucrezia Falisci nee Lucani, though the blade that she blessed is always by his side. He has never had cause to act against any of the Falisci and he is conspicuously absent whenever Pascale Falisci is present, some wonder whether he is simply biding his time until he reclaims the love that he lost.