Xiawang was, contrary to appearances, born in the great city of Greyhawk. HIs parents were natives of the Far East who settled in the great trade city some twenty-five years ago. Part of the reason that Xiawang's mother took up residence away from her home was because she was secretly a senior member of an ancient order of ninjas. She had left that world when she had married, wishing to have a peaceful life. However, she felt compelled to pass along her knowledge to someone, and her son showed aptitude from an early age. Xiawang turned out to be an excellent pupil with an inclination to use these skills for more than the rote assassination
 they were used for in his mother's homeland.

After being a help to the Great City's guard for a few years as a young adult, Xiawang fell in with Veloso and Kael and began wandering the world...

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