The dusty, rutted road is lined with closely-grown hedges of brambles and shrubs. Here and there it cuts through a copse or crosses a rivulet. To either hand, forest and meadow have given way to field and orchard. A small herd of kine graze nearby, and a distant hill is dotted with the wand stone chimneys with thin plumes of blue smoke rising from them. A road angles west into the hill country, and to either side of the road ahead are barns and buildings — Hommlet at last!

Information On Hommlet People and Locations:

  1. The Welcome Wench

The town council consists of the following people:

  1. Jaroo, the druid of the Grove
  2. Terjon, chief cleric of the church
  3. Elmo's father, Captain of the militia
  4. Ostler, the Innkeeper
  5. Mytch, the Miller
  6. Burne, the magic-user
  7. Rufus, Burne's associate