Our heroes made their way to the structure known as the old Moat House. In the marshes, they found the old fortress surrounded by its namesake, a moat. Instead of taking the traditional way in, crossing the draw bridge, Xiawang scouted around and the party opted to try to cross at a break in the wall in the south-east corner. They were able to successfully navigate the pile of rubble and enter the structure undetected.

In this section they found a dead body, that could not have been there more than a week at best. It soon became evident what had caused this man's death, as Veloso discovered the tell tale puncture marks of a viper. It was not long after the giant snake made itself known, though the party easily dispatched with it.

From there they made their way up an old hall to a room that could be described as a decaying audience chamber. A group of bandits attacked them, but after a quick show of strength, our heroes convinced to rest to surrender. After binding them, and finding the chest of their ill gotten gains, our heroes returned to Hommlett with bandits in tow, bringing them to the tower of Burne and Rufus until they can stand trial. Taking a portion of the treasure, they gave it to the local church of St. Cuthbert, to distribute as needed amongst those who have been victims of the banditry in the area.

Our heroes took a good night's rest, before returning to the Moat House to continue exploration.