What's Needed for a Request to Join?

... or a request to create a second (or third) PC for existing players?

I don't have a formal application as such, but there are a couple of things that must be in your initial application.  A failure to address these three points in at least a cursory manner will mean I won't bother with the RTJ.  So  feel free to cut and paste the bullet-ponts below into your PM:

So start with those basics and I'll add you as a lurker so you can see the in-character threads and we can talk about whether this game is a good fit for you.  You should note that being added as a lurker at this point is not the same thing as having your RTJ accepted -- the current in-character threads are not publicly visible, and I like to give you a chance to take a quick look a them so we can talk about your application in a meaningful way.

I don't require a writing sample -- by the time you get to creating a character, you will have been talking to me for a while and I will have a good sense about your writing ability.  If we make it to the character creation process where you propose a concept for a particular storyline, then your application will be provisionally accepted subject to finalizing the character.  (Though you and I may realize as we move through character generation that things aren't going to work out after all.)

At the time of application, however, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not (and I can't emphasize this enough) start out by proposing a specific character concept.  You especially should not have a character sheet prepared, anything like a back-story sketched out, or anything else.  (Or if you do, don't even hint that you have done so.)  Your starting point must be to

Understand that a PC has to be designed to fit into one of the existing storylines and you will have to be flexible with your character concept.

Solo storylines are not an option for new PCs added after February 2013.  Any new PCs must be designed specifically to join up with an existing storyline and its current PCs.  I don't require the existing PCs to accept a new PC simply because you all are wearing the PC-hat.  Accordingly, character creation will require collaboration with me in order to ensure a good fit, not just in player philosophy but also in PC-background and personality.  You should read through the setting information in the public threads (and at least skim the Summary of Stories to Date, though that is badly outdated, but at least will give you a sense as to the types of plots I've run) and consider which of the open on-going storylines and current PCs interest you.  Consider skimming some of the in-character threads (especially for plotlines you might want to join) to get a better feel for the setting, the players, the PCs, and my style as a GM.  I will gladly answer any questions you might have to help you orient yourself -- this game has been around a while and I don't expect you to spend an inordinate amount of time reading through the mountain of posts that are already here.  But I do expect you to take some time to do enough dabbling to ask intelligent questions so you can figure out what plot(s) might interest you.

In other words, don't apply with a fully-fleshed concept already in mind.  Don't come up with that concept until after we have discussed existing plots/characters, after you have at least a basic understanding of the setting and the tone of the game, and after you have decided -- and told me -- which plot/PCs interest you and after I have confirmed there is, in fact, room in that chosen group.  (There may not be, so you should be prepared to go to a second choice.)  After that -- and only after that -- will we be in a position to have a meaningful discussion about the PC you would like to play, and move on to Character Creation.

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