a'dalin: Apprentice wizard (1-6 level) of the Politi Order.

Archmater: Ranking member of the Temple of Hamal.

Beenocken: One of the Viersiering (see below), a staff crafted from the Stamm god’s femur.

c'hanati/c’hanata: Journeyman/journeywoman (7-12 level) of the Politi Order, marked by silver ear loops.

Daughters of Einmar:  The order of Jotunn priestesses in Farolan.

Dominta/Dominti: Master in the Politi Order (level 13 +). See Politi below.

dwerg:  The setting term used to refer to dwarves.

debt-marked:  The term in common for the indentured servants of Sa'iph, enslaved under a system of inherited debt.  Also known as segnato.

Evandin: The Politi Order also has as its members, Evandin – or Oathbound –who typically combine fighting prowess with lesser magical abilities. Evandin take an Oath to a house or to a particular mage. Once sworn, the Evandin is distinguished by a silver link necklace. Custom prohibits a Politi-trained wizard from attacking an Evandin with magic.

Eye of Hamal: One of the Viersiering (see below), the red ruby that had belonged to the Kernig tribe of ogres; recently recovered by Mobley, et al. from an ancient ziggurat still located in the heart of the former Kernig territory on the western edges of the Sa’iph/Torei border.

Fossegrim: A local fey living in a waterfall on Dorsey, the island off the coast from Halveet.

Fulmineo: Shal deity in Visaiyain.

Inqueridore: Inquisitor organization of the Temple of Hamal in Torei lead by Kardinal Corrado Rovati.

Jotunn: Race of 'half-giant' sailors and ship-builders, from Farolan in the far north-west.

Kernig: Former ogre tribe/nation once located at the far western edge of the Sa’iph/Torei border.

L’Ambasciatore: The Sajeem's ambassador to the High Council, a position long held by Dembrosi Shal Antazos.

League, The (Halveetian): An alliance of the southern coastal cities from Darilei in the west to Visaiyain in the east, with its central "government" in Halveet.

il mago di momenti: An arcanist practicing chronomacy; has been teaching his craft to Iminye.

Neridi: A number of sea-dwelling clans from isles off the map to the south-east.  Neridi silk is highly coveted.

Pater: A priest in the Temple of Hamal

Pettegolezzo Piccolo: a scandal broadsheet written throughout the centuries by anonymous authors all using the pseudonym the Nero Giullare, or “Black Jester.”

Politi: Any "wizard" PC or NPC in the setting received training from or is a member of the Politi Order.  Traditionally taught only Shal.  See: LetsGetSpontaneous

Quaj: Race of tree/forest elves.

Sajeem: The title of the hereditary ruler of Sa'iph.

segnato:  The term in Shal for the debt-marked slaves of Sa'iph.

selkies: Fey who have taken up residence on a rocky islet south of the larger island of Dorsey.

Shal:  The setting term used to refer all elves except those that live in Tivaris -- there are no differences between "wood elves" or "grey elves" or whatever.  Please note that there are differences in the setting's concept of "elves" and the traditional D&D 3.5/Pathfinder concept of elves.  They are not shorter than humans (they are, in fact, on average taller), do not take a -2 to constitution, and live only a few centuries.  They also need to sleep.

Shevaresh: a deity worshipped by some Quaj in Tivaris.

Skalding: Bardic order with official sanctioning. There is a Skaldings Hall in Halveet.

Skallen Bolle:  One of the Viersiering (see below), a relic of Hamal (or his Stamm god predecessor), crafted from the top of his skull.  Located in Farolan, where it is considered to be the Bowl of Einmar, the sea goddess.

Stamm: The monstrous humanoid races collectively, such as goblins, trolls, orcs and such.

Steltand: One of the Viersiering (see below), the horn supposedly crafted from the tooth of the Stamm trickster god.  Rumored to be in the possession of Owen of Clunne.

Storico: The order of historians in the Temple of Hamal.

Stregoni: A secret society of sorcerers in Sa'iph, and possibly more widespread.

Viersiering: The four relics of Hamal (Eye of Hamal, Beennocken, Steltand and Skallen Bolle).

weinig:  The setting term used to refer to halflings.