What classes or prestige classes, feats, spells or other stuff do you not allow?

I'm not going through my entire library of WotC (or Pathfinder) books to give you a complete list -- there's just too many options (too many splat books, too many Pathfinder archetypes) for me to spend my time trying to put together a complete list in advance.

General guideline:  With rare exception (I've tried to list the known exceptions below), stuff in the PHB, PHBII, DMG and DMG II (for 3.5 PCs) or CRB, APG or UE (for Pathfinder PCs), will probably be approved -- but you still need to ask rather than assume.

The list below does not purport to catch everything I would veto -- just because something is not listed does not mean it is available.  Also note that even if I approve something, I reserve the right to request a rebuild if -- after seeing it in play -- I think (based solely upon my own opinion) it is over-powered and/or is unbalancing in the game I am running.  Note that last italicized clause -- what may be okay with a GM in another game may not be okay in this game.

Prestige (or other) Classes


Specific Types of Spells from the SRD -- for setting reasons, as explained in the RTJ/Character Creation Thread:

Other specific spells from the SRD:  (Note:  This also means that any other spell not specifically listed that has the same or substantially similar effect is also banned):


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