Special Glossary Test

Blende [dazzle] Stream; the equivalent of the Spell-Jammer Phlogesteon stream
Crystal Brass Engine Circle;  a mixed divine and mage based guild ritual circle that allows entering solid portals in the Brass orbs, allowing one of two transition sets; from fyord to blende stream & reverse, or deeps to bende stream & reverse & bend stream to fyord.
Celestial Brass Orb; a spherical wall surrounding a Celestial-fyord that was created by the God's to protect one of their military base star systems.
Celestial-Fyord; a stellar system and the area around it that is still protected from the chaos storms of the Celestial deeps.
Celestial Deeps;  the point where the Chaos-circle engine ships must switch sails.
Celestian-ship; one of the great flying sailing ships that use the ritual guild circle magic engines
Chaos-circle engines; power the sails of a Celestian-ship, either Fyord Sails, Deeps sails or Both.  Engine Cost ratio fyord x2, Deeps x5, Both x20
Clockwork Imperial-Legionnaire Marines; "race" [think war forged]
Islands of Souls; ruled by local demi-gods and defended by heroic spirits of the slain. A waystation for souls to the nether worlds. Accessible by "Shadowwalker Ghouls", "Fyend" [tieflings] and "Syraph" [aasimars] through magically hidden and opened doorways in temples, to their mirror constructs on the island.
Mo(u)rning Star; The greatest of the Battlemounts of the divine fleet before the divine fleet was decommisioned after the last War between the Gods and the elemental Titans.  Oddly enough this single Battlemount was "accidentaly" left on patrol and those living creatures on it, their spirits unreleased from duty became overtime, undead.  The Clockwork Imperial legionnaire Marines continued their duty unchanged [think Warforged], but advanced in rank until they commanded the Ship as the mortals "died"
Ritual Guild Circle-magic; this is a form of magic of which requires multiple heroic classes to create. These classes Must be linked, whether by multi-class, serving as a vetern adventuring party member, or membership in a guild.  The simplest can be scribed by a multi-class, but the more powerful, do require that the some number of scribers and constructionists be more then a certain number.  The most powerful "commonly" [still guild secrets] known ritual circles actually require support casters, scribers, and constructors that are heroic demi-talents who gained their levels due to postion in the scribing guild.
Ships-belt; ["heroes belt"], a cultural artifact of the Imperial Legion, it is the decorated belt of a gentlman and officer.  And one with heroic class levels is qualified to wear it, is subject to the cultural norms of a gentleman or woman.  Including the "right" to bear arms in public, and the duty to use them under the laws of hospitality..
Skygge Rivers; the main river to transport spirits of the dead [secretly the inverse of the Blende Stream],
Skygge Current;  the streams moving through the Skygge sea from the Islands of Souls used to carry the spirits of the dead to the protected Skygge river.
Skygge Sea; the Chaos Sea of some Norse adventures.
"Shadowwalker Ghouls"
"Fyend" part-blood celestial race [think tieflings] dreams in the language of hells "infernal"
"Syraph" part-blood infernal race [think aasimar] dreams in the language of heavens "celestial"