Masque of Silver; requires a mundane have silver to hit or cause permanent damage, or disrupt another Masques power
Special mundane vulnerability;
Masque; is a vulnerability mundanes have to certain aspects of special races, clans or classes.  This vulnerability creates an aura around certain races, clans or classes that;
 One: only affect mundanes {0 levels] not in possession of the same version of masque, and
 Two; continues to to operate unless consciously dispelled by the holder of the aura.
Masque of Shadows; any race & clan, or class combination that has a +4 stealth gains the aura of Masque of Shadows; if it is a specialist form, ie. In woodland [forest gnome] or in household dwelling [brownie]. Or a +4 to disguise [fae clan, Vampyr minor, Stone-hob [as footing; stone, wood, earth], [most often as human, or simply non fae] gain an illusion visible to mundanes that creates automatic success at using the skill unless consciously dispelled.
Masque of Commanding Presence; a fighter class gains an aura that allows them to attack one enemy minion or minion race per round of combat per level of the fighter. Any hit knocks the mundane minion out of combat. This does not mean dead that would only be checked after combat is over. Any attempt to control the results before then breaks this aspect of masque of commanding presence. And it is lost for the next two rounds. The fighters commanding presence allows placing ten allied mundane minions in command. Unless the group starts placed under the authority of the fighter the group must make a save versus the fighters level plus ten or if it goes over they fail to fall into command. If two of the mundanes have the skill profession soldier, the in command group can fight as militia unit.
Masque of Mana; any spell-casting class is covered in an aura of power that allows them to cast certain “cantrips” [arcane or divine] in their memorized spell list on a mundane and that fixes the cantrip in the aura, this allows the caster to repeat the same cantrip on other mundane minions without using more “spell” slots.
Masque of Death; Assassins & ninjas have an aura that creates the ability to use the Assassinate power critical hit list strike to kill or kill with other critical attacks [such as poison] on any mundane without fear of raising a revenant or allowing the body to be either raised from the dead or raised as undead for half price [and if undead as if ½ hit dice via control if used to hunt the killer and companions or protectors.] And even if so raised anyway there is no link to the killer, even memory of the attack is wiped.