"Faery" is a complex of related systems that cross planer boundaries.

  This complex is centered on the ALF Taint, of the boarder ethereal.

In this case the Alf Taint Clans are obviously Faery Clans, All elves, Forest and Fae Gnomes, Tall-fellows [and certain house-keepers of other halfling clans],

BEACH, Alf-: (Alf Work)

BRIDGE, Alf-: (Alf Work)

Any faery gate is linked to at least one other faery gate; the path and entering point required to traveled throughout the entrance gate to reach the chosen exit point, at the ending gate is actually controlled by the Master of the ending gate. Such a path naturally forms signs recognizable to someone with the elves ability to see hidden and secret things. Unless this is inhibited by the ending master this ability is based on the master�s heroic level.

Chaos Sea: (Alf Work)

Demi-garth: (Alf Work)

Ford, Alf-: (Alf Work)
This is a path formed between two anchors, these anchors and the path can be created by Alfs of great power these anchors do not need to be on the same �Meta-garth� though such are rare.  Some Bridges have survived the death/ destruction of their creator, age and use seems to strengthen them.

Garth: (Alf Work)
This is defined by the North-men as the area that when you step beyond you are stepping into wilderness. When used in the Meta sense such as in Mid-garth when you step beyond you step into the �Chaos Sea�.

GATE, Faery: (AD&D Work)
Faery gate is usually a settlement hex; this hex will have been groomed by elves, to match another hex some distance away. While some magic is involved to link the two or more hexes, mostly it is the patience in maintaining Similarity in the hexes. This Similarity allows paths in the linked hexes to link themselves creating a path from one entrance in one hex to another entrance in any of the other linked hexes under the control of the �Master� of the Gate. There are signs that naturally develop on the paths that lead to other hexes that are noticeable by use of the elven power of seeing hidden and secret things.

Once the hexes are linked it is possible to blank out a small area of each hex, as large as a furlong hex, changing it to a different configuration.  This ability is often used to create an entrance area to an Underhill using the tendency of the Faery gate to create hidden paths, to help defend against intruders.

Is a Faery Gate covered either by Wildwood/Faery wood, is fully covered by such is and is surrounded by lattice of paths to uncanny woods

Half-step Sideways: (Alf Work)
This is a euphemism for the technique used by land-spirits to enter the "hedge"

Hedge, Faery: (Alf Work)
This is a euphemism to describe the boundary of �Mid-garth�, where it is next to every location in mid-garth and when you cross it you have entered the �Chaos Sea� between the �Meta-garths�

Isle, Alf-: (Alf Work) see; Demi-garth

Land Spirit: (Alf Work)

This is a Grey/Half-grey/Dark/Half-Dark elf that has accepted the �call� of an �Underhill� to act as the leader of the group creatures; Fae and/or Enchanted that has settled in an Uncanny-wood; in/near/surrounding the Underhill and accepted the call of the Underhill�s/his leadership

This is a creature, Fae and/or Enchanted that has settled in an Uncanny-wood and accepted the call of a local Faery Lord.
Accepting the call by an intelligent creature means accepting leadership of the lord, to a:
Chaotic Lord; this would the dominance of person to person Fealty,
Neutral Lord; it is to the Dominance of the highest status person in the group, and to choose among any other natural dominants to the follower in the group, due to either/or; admiration, position, or fear, to support with their presence.
Lawful Lord; it is to the Lords Dominance of the Society and to the Rules of the Society being lead, to his lawful commands and those placed above the follower,

Good Lord; a Pax among followers is created giving a �plus� to all reaction rolls, a violation of the Pax causes a follower to feel the need of a Quest of reconciliation/apology to either the; Lord, victims dominant/elder, or the victim.
Neutral Lord (Balance); there is no reaction roll, they will recognize a fellow follower even if they are not familiar, and will use their current reaction/loyalty roll to the Lord, their reactions #�s to known followers changes depending on past actions in their current relationship. But any damage on another follower causes temporary; Hp Damage and or Lvl loss, equaled to an injured or killed Follower respectively,
Evil Lord; the �Pax� creates a minus to all reaction rolls among followers, but to actually attack another Follower without the �Blessing� of the Lord breaks the �Pax� allowing other followers to feel a lack of that normal restraint against the violator.

Accepting the call by a Non-Lesser intelligence creature means rolling a good reaction to the Lords Ethereal �Smell� with a �plus� to the that reaction, the creature will then recognize the Lord; as the source of the �accepted; Pack, Herd,�� smell, and will �smell� the accepted on other followers. To accept a:
Chaotic Lord; means the Lord will smell as a Dominant,
Neutral Lord; means the Lord will smell as a Dominant, as will creatures naturally dominant that it feels comfortable with,
Lawful Lord; the Lord will smell as a Dominant as will those few creatures or types Demonstrated by the lord to be above the creature,
Good Lord; a Pax among followers is created giving a �plus� to all reaction rolls, a violation creates a wish to comfort and protect, though some times this creates strange situations like a �?� raising a �?� due to killing the parents in a fit of anger, or simply becoming a friend to a non-follower human as there was no one else available at the time
Neutral Lord(Balance);
Evil Lord; the �Pax� creates a minus to all reaction rolls among followers, but to actually attack another Follower without the �Command� of the lord creates a terrible Fear of the Lord and a Quest to find the lord and submit.
Other then being the center for follower�s lair access and formation, the Lord can form/maintain his/her own lair, the Underhill itself �

Any faery gate will have a "Master" this creature controls the "Combination path" of any linked gate that will bring a user to the masters gate

The mega-nexus is a linked series of Faery gates,

MEGA-NEXUS, Faery: (AD&D Work)
The mega-nexus is a linked series of Faery gates. Such a nexus will have each major gate a minimum of two settlement Hexes in Size and may reach to another planet within a Crystal Sphere or prime plane, if the gate is three settlement hexes; the gate can reach to other prime planes but not out of a Crystal Sphere without the �blessing� of the Master power of the Crystal Sphere


Plane, "DREAMS" Faery: (AD&D Work)
This is the negative energy plane of elemental faery.

Plane, FAERY-PRIME: (AD&D Work)
This is the Prime material plane of Faery, all land is either Wild-�wood�, or Faery-�wood�

Plane, "RIOT" Faery: (AD&D Work)
This is the positive energy plane of elemental faery

Plane, "TRUE" Faery: (AD&D Work)
This is the balanced energy plane of elemental faery

PLANES, Faery Elemental: (AD&D Work)see also; Plane, �DREAMS� FAERY- Plane, �RIOT� Faery- Plane, �TRUE� FAERY-
At the time of the God-wars when the Gods had driven the Greater Titans from the Material worlds and had begun the campaign to rein in the ethereal, and its border ethereal, the Para-elemental planes between apposing elements were an undifferentiated mass, a physically chaotic �Morass� that even the true elementals could not control.  Those titans that refused to surrender withdrew into the Elemental planes as hill-men might into the hills to avoid invaders, the lesser titans were to much trouble to dig out, and even so many changed into full Elemental Princes under the stress.  The Gods persisted against the Greater, and Gargantuan Titans, though some small number surrendered, most were destroyed, or driven into positions even they and their attendants couldn't survive, the bodies of many littered the Central Morass the uncontrolled changes destroying even the most incorruptible body. But unknown to the Gods even those whom found that their �Concept� made them accessible as Gods of Element(s), as the Ethereal Based Titans had affected the material planes so had they been affected. As the bodies were completely destroyed, �Something� remained, lost deep in the Morass, over many eons the �somethings� reformed or dissipated. Those that reformed became a new form of elemental, one that had some trouble controlling pure elements but could cope with Balanced Elements.  These Elementals formed �habitats� deep within the morass allowing the wall of physical chaos to protect their fledgling Meta-realms from the enemies that had destroyed their Society. Of those that dissipated the �something� formed elemental sprites that spread out through the Fairy Meta-realms reaching into even the prime planes. The Faery elemental Meta-realm began to differentiate itself into three main planes that of �Dreams�, �Riot�, and �True Faery� these Elemental titans still had some powers over ethereal matter but could create balanced elemental forms.  These Titans often took the Shapes of those creatures closest to the balance of elements [life], the Fae creatures, the greatest often appearing as Grey Elves, though often of huge, or gargantuan size when on the Faery Planes, when as very seldom happened, on the prime material planes the Faery elementals found themselves able to �Piggyback� or sometimes even �Possess� living creatures, as water or earth elemental �animate� stream or ground, and so hide their separate existence from their enemy

The Underhill is a creation of ethereal matter formed by the will of a Faery Lord in the Border Ethereal; much like Titans of old formed and created ethereal matter into palaces in the Deep Ethereal.

An area closely linked to the ethereal plane by groups of innately ethereal creatures that create lairs in what become local Uncanny Woods due to their ethereal activity and paths forming linking ethereal lairs/dwellings-/settlements through the local border ethereal, and such symbiotic creatures as will share the latticework system of lairs and paths, of such creatures.

WOOD, Faery: (AD&D Work)
An area around a Faery Underhill that is closely linked to the ethereal plane allowing followers of the �Lord� of the Underhill to create ethereal lairs in local Uncanny Woods and paths linked through the local border ethereal, and to form that ethereal Material, within the bounds created by the will of that �Lord� and the lairs to the will of the lair maker. A Faery gate with an Underhill is fully covered by such; a Wildwood is as well and both are surrounded by a latticework of lairs and paths, of such ethereal settlements and lairs.
--A Faery wood is woodland settled by Faery creatures, that is located in an area that has physical links to either the Faery Plane, or the Border Ethereal Plane via a Fairy �Lords� Followers Lairs

WOOD, Sylvan: (AD&D Work)
This is a settlement Hex containing one or more Furlong Hexes that are uncanny wood allowing a dwelling/settlement/lair in the border ethereal;
--This is isolated woodland settled by Faery creatures.

This is a Furlong Hex or greater, that allows 2 rolls for �Monster� population, per Furlong Hex, one for the Terrain type and another for Faery creatures. This second roll is due to the creation of ethereal lairs in the Hex and the effects of mental activity on the ethereal matter by those settled in the lairs and paths, creating a piggyback ecosystem, whether wildwood or Faery-wood.
--An area around a Faery Underhill that is closely linked to the astral plane allowing followers of the �Lord� of the Underhill to create lairs and paths linked through the local astral plane, and to form the that astral within the bounds created by the will of that �Lord�. A Faery gate with an Underhill is fully covered by such; a Wildwood is as well and is surrounded by a latticework of lairs and paths, such astral settlements and lairs

It is a characteristic of Land Spirits, that they can take a side step into the �hedge� around the �Garth� forming around them a lair melded out of the chaos innate to the hedge, the power of the land spirits mind and imagination, formed around a skeleton of the power and order innate to the land on the garth side of the hedge.

Most land spirits can only take a half step into the hedge, but those called the Fae can take a �Whole Step� all the way through the hedge into the chaos sea beyond form in a �lair� not only as before creating more than just a shadow world of the garth but extending the skeleton of the land into the Chaos, bending it to fit the purpose of the Fae creating what might be called a Beach, around the Garth land, in some ways both a protection from the hazards of the chaos sea and a hazard in it�s own right.  Once this beach is created others may enter through the paths in the Hedge, and if permitted settle and help shape the new land on the other side of the hedge. Creatures that can travel the chaos sea find these beaches act like shoals causing their minds order to fragment against the order of the settlers, Out-garth arrivals best make shore fall in areas without current Major Land Spirits in the vicinity. Once arrived it is possible if the Out-dweller is powerful enough (very few are) to create an anchor and link to a previously created anchor at their Heimgarth they can create a bridge some such bridges last long enough to become stable though that doesn't mean that taking such a bridge is safe for the uninitiated.