Dead Hills, Rough Hills, Forested hills, Forest, Sylvan Valley
Forest, Swamp, Lake, Deep Lake, Plains,

Necropolis- Line Cleric,
     Lay brothers of the order of Ancestors, Sohei (Knight under thurston), Shukenja,
          Monastery is located in a rocky area, the monastery consists of the a catacomb, a series of ancient burial mounds, and a small Thorp, where the Dead can have visitors, part of
the village is a small temple, with attached mortuary
          burial mounds; these were the burial place in ancient times of the local tribesmen Headsmen, and Heroes.  it is not Known to the city folk that this is still the case.
          The catacombs; This was originally, a small under ground settlement of goblin folk (Orcs, hobgoblins, Bugbears)
   [bone riders], Gnolls?, Kobolds?

small Fairy hill- Lady of the Hill (Harpist) Grey/Fairy Elf
     Sprites, Brownies, Gnomes, Tall fellow Halflings, Sylvan elves, Fairy dragon, Pseudo dragon, mousefolk,
     fairy pool


          meeting place great oak in Forest Hills

Brigand House Hold- Ma
     seven sons, one Daughter ran away to city, and joined Thieves guild, front as shepherds.

Lake Deep underwater Village- ???
     nixies, ???
          At bottom of deepest part of Deep lake

Thurstons fee; baronet thurston, march court magistrate
     Bargeman’s Rest (hamlet and wharf) - [Mayor/ port master]
     The Hammer (manor house) [baronet’s home]
     Grandpaters hall (barrow, house, half house, and gnome 'dwellings') - [halfling sheriff/ lords shire reeve/ bargemen’s guildmaster]
       Shire Reeves collections;
       Entrance fee by; barge, wagon, animal, person.
       Cistern Fee By; amount of water used.
       Property Tax By; Amount of salable goods.
       Commons street letter fee.
       Mercenary Guild Dues (local)
       Adventuring Guild Dues Local License
       March Court Costs

     Bargeman’s Rest (hamlet and wharf) - [Mayor/ port master]
44 dwellings; 30 dwellings- Bargeman’s Rest ward,5 dwellings- wharf, 9 dwellings- GrandPaters hall ward

     mixed race; Humans [majority], halfling hall ([Grandpater head of Bargeman’s Guild and Shire reeve] halfling clan, gnomes ),Elves [halfelf children of the under hill], dwarves [mostly hill dwarf non-veterans]
      slave races; kobolds, goblins

troops under Baronet;
ten (10)merconaries Heavy hobbler
twenty five(25)men at arms
two hundred (257) population of hamlet
eighth (8th) level champion
1 sergeant cavalier
1 dwarfish fighter [Merc. guild hall commander Fort Anvil]
1 halfling Sheriff [GrandPater]
1 small herd Horses
3 herds goats
2 herds cows
1 herd pigs

all able bodied freemen must posses sword, all shield maidens must posses sword and at least one other weapon if trained in-

all people upon becoming an adult (13-14) must learn to use an oaken cudgel-
all adventurers entering the settlement must register at court.
messengers of the baronet, because they carry official royal documents, have been granted royal courier status and so have by royal decree the right to slay any be they talented or mundane, commoner or nobility, who attempt to hinder the performance of there duty.
Local currency is controlled by the March court as a side line through the shire reeve, it consists of both noble coins and merchant common coins [see note], the baronet occasionally issues script.  other currency is not illegal but as any noncollectable nonstandard coin is reminted to his specifications, much of the local coin are standardized.
all talent are made freemen upon commencement of their talents, semi talents are nonslaves.

Area Industries; Wharf/ barge-caravan transfer/ March court hospitality [bargeman’s rest (local)], iron mine and mercenary guild hall [Fort Anvil], barge reed/ barge [waldorf]

Fort Anvil - thorp/ Dwarf Mine/ mercenary guild fort and guildhall
     retired mercenary dwarven unit retired here. group is attempting to save enough for a marriage matching contribution, to setup a Child rearing household on site for one of the dwarven
troopers. Also is considered mercenary Guild hall/ fort, and hosts armsman’s camp 1st-3rd Level hospitality of March Court

Dervish church house

          built into butte/ plateau

Mages Tower Ruins

Need human ranger