* Divine Minions: These are creatures that are invested with divine power for divine functions.
- Minions: See; Divine Minions, Mortal Minions, Mundane Minions
* Mortal Minions: These are Mortal who are minions of the Gods and their greater Proxies [see Divine Minions] They gain exemptions to class and race limits, at the price of direct meddling in their life by Their God and messengers. Mortal Minions are considered the representatives on the material plane of the Gods, while the Clerics are considered the mortals representatives of the people to the Gods.
* Mundane Minions:
Secret Societies
Secret name. Missions covered by the name, masque of the spy
Human Clans:
Cavemen, Peasant (path). Gypsy(nomad). Villagers (villagers). Earls (noble clans)
(Cave men): +2 con. knapping. fishing. all in clan craft skill
Earls (noble clans): leadership feat, profession aristocrate., -2 con.,
Gypsy (nomad): +1 con
Peasant (path):
Villagers (villagers). -1 con.,

» Therianthropy: shape-shifters
       Mundane who can shift between an animal and a human form, mostly follow the rules of Hengeyokai,  but are subject to folk magic and curses that can force a change.
       Shape-changers who change between a dragon form starting around puberty. Large size when attacked, large for tail and head attacks, but small in movement on and through ground.  In human form severely subject to charm spells unless broken by gaining heroic talent.
Dragon Guard
The dragon guard are cursed as dragon-were.  As children after hatching they have the form of humans. [it may be possible to grow up in other humanoid or demi-human forms] When they reach puberty per their humanoid form they gain the ability to shape change into a guard-dragon form.
Guard dragon form is treated as a large target in flight and in combat, but is able to attack with tail and bite as large. The form is treated as small when traveling through tunnels wings folded.
Most Dragon Guard, have no class levels, only 7 ages based 1d4 monster dice.
There are two non-standard forms;
The “Runt” each monster dice of a Runt is only 1 hp. 
    They are considered minions and servants of the nest/or platoon commander, 1 of 20 dragon guard are runts. They do not need to roll for hit points. 
The “Officer” is in command of part of a enthralled dragon guard
   A dragon-guard who at an age roll, rolls a single hit point is eligible to gain rank as an officer in the platoon guard if a position is open.

As the dragon guard age they gain feats and skill points. A dragon guard who gains a single hit point for a monster dice rolls gains skills points but no feats for that age.
  All normal class level Dragon-guard start as runts, this usually only happens to 1 of 5 Runts.
Cyber-punk; Psionic Crystal usable by any with high enough combination of wisdom and intelligence but is controlled by charisma. This is usable for storing, pictures, documents, creating avatars, that work in an illusionic world fed into the border ethereal this allows one to control special psi-mech; locks, switches and valves tuned to the persons crystal controller.