The Animal Lords are in reality a whole series of different races.  These are all based on different sepicies of animals.  And have a series of things in common.

A). Each race has the psionic ablity range thirty feet to speak with their base animal. This allows charisma rolls to convince them to do something or refrain from doing something natural to them.

B). All non-classed characters have one dice hit points, but this varies with the size of the race. (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10)

C). All races gain one speed if on two legs based on size, and another when on other legs possibly with a multiple, based on ?, or on a totally different movement type.

D). While all races have four limbs and can walk on the rear legs, They have hands as well and can walk and only run on four legs if they have them. They often wear clothes like their nieghbor humans, demi -humans, but are not considered those types.

E). All races have dark sight of minimum 30 feet feet based on smell,

* Predators gain an extra bite attack of 1 hp. and double dark sight but can't see colors.
* herbivores gain +5 speed, and half ration per day in vegetation.

* 1d4, small.  .5 rations  speed 25         +2 against perception roll
* 1d6, medium 1.0 rations  speed 30
* 1d8, medium 1.5 rations  speed 30 -1 dex  -2 against perception
*1d10, large  2.0 rations  speed 30 -2 dex  -4 against perception
* Any animal with swim, climb or flying speed has no running speed
* All classed characters  gain animal friendship of their base animal only, with total and max hit dice based on character level,
*All classed characters are called by the races Deputy Shire Reeve with the highest level character currently present called Sheriff.