The Mardaluz Nation (South West Region)

A nation in steady decline as the city state Zaratal in the Lands of Sand has been threatening assault and all out war to push them out of there fertile land.

Known the world over as "The Merchants' Domain," Mardaluz is among the oldest of nations on the southern coasts. If the adage "Follow the money, and ye shall find answers to many mysteries" were true, every investigator and adventurer would end up in Mardaluz, since money flows there as to no other country.  Nearly every merchant either does business with Mardaluz or passes through it during the course of a year's business deals. Mardaluz's location benefits its mercantile nature, as it is the springboard for goods from the Lands of Sand heading south to Asropa and beyond. The country's rich natural resources and its peoples' knack for business soon led Mardaluz to seize its premier status as one of the most important centers of trade in the Realms.

Mardaluz's future is uncertain at best, with bright and dark strains. Some Mardulazian cities are on the verge of rebellion, aiming to join with Asropa.  Rumors of monstrous armies are often heard of late from the lands of Sand. As always, power groups inside Mardaulz and elsewhere vie for supremacy, so much so that outsiders view Mardaluz as a stew pot of conspiracy and chaos. For the natives, however, it matters little who is in power so long as business continues to run uninterrupted.

For a great time the Mardaluzian people have harbored a resentment towards the southern most City-state of of the Lands of Sand.  For centuries they two kingdoms have fought for control of there shared boarder, and in recent times the Mardaluz people have been pushed more south into the mountainous region of Southern Mardaluz.

The current mood of the Mardaluz people is dire, as they all fear the loss of there kingdom, and there nation.  The King (in absentia) has grown tired of the battle, and he feels that he has failed his people.

Known Locations and Cities:
1. The Regents throne city
2. Farming and trade city
3. A Granary city
4. The Caravan Capital of Mardaluz
5. Puerta Luna (northern most port city)