The Lands of Sand  (Central Region)

In the Lands of Sand the culture and history are deep with powerful magics.  The different kingdoms of the area(if you can call them that) do not have any laws against magic.  Divine casters in the land of sands are rare, with clerics and priests coming from other regions.  The natural inhabitants of the Lands of Sand, The Haarn'quessir(desert elves) follow a different path to the divine.  Worship of greater powers comes in the form of elemental worship.  The Azar'buhad are elemental priests, with 4 factions withing themselves governing over the 4 elements.

Major City states:
Dorri-Ruled by Shah Fravarti
Siamak- Ruled by Shah Risti-voga
Heydar- Ruled by Shah Dahyu-ka the 12th <Haarn-quessir(central region)>

Fenerkoy an ancient settlement by a somewhat tranquil bay on the western coast north of Zaratal.

Zaratal, a city-state that is currently in agressions with the  Mardaluze city of Purta Luna.

Small towns:
(pop. 100-120)
Zardab, a small town kept alive by its watering hole in the desert, a weeks travel west of Heydar along the trade route..  Its resources and its strategic location make it very valuable to Heydar, which in turn has offered it a sort of protection.  Zardab is given protection by Heydar and a unit of guards check on Heydar every other week.

The people of Zardab are people that wish is isolation of the big city but the contact of steady travelers to know that they still exist.  All the buildings are built out of mud and stone, but they are well maintained.  The food stores are the most important thing to the people of Zardab, second only to there religion.  Shouri-Ali, the temple of Gold water, is attached to the watering area of the town and is a temple to the water gods.

In Zardab one used to be able to get both physical nourishment and spiritual nourishment, but things have changed in recent weeks as both the priest of Shouri-Ali and his son have been killed by a murderer.  Some of the locals whisper of the Sabaah, but that is only after a fistful of drinks.

Darya Wajda: sea of Wajda:

Darya Babak: sea of Babak : very salty inland sea with little to no life in it.