The Kingdom of Goh (North West Region)

North of the Lands of Sand is the eastern kingdom of Goh, a country whos lands are full of man-made step farms and artificial tropical forests. A humid land kept artificially wet by the Gnomish Magic.

To the west of the Bad lands lies to Nation of Goh, the gnome kingdom, under the control of Wizard-King Gohb Flot-Buée.  The gnomish nation is the wall that keeps the Goblins and Hobgoblins out of the east. With a mixture of magic and science the Gnomes have built a nation that caters only to the little folk, yet some of the  industrious items that they produce are used through out the civilized world.  From Gnomish Clocks, to efficient street lights.  The Nation of Goh is a power all it own, as even some of the goblin have come to realize.  Under the wisdom of Wizard-King Gohb Flot-Buée, an open immigration law was enacted that would allow anyone from the Badlands to enter into the Kingdom of Goh under the rule of good faith, after the Wizard-King Gohb Flot-Buée determined that all goblins where in fact cousins to the gnomes, by royal decree.

To this day all goblins that wish a better more civilized life is granted entrance to Goh, after they are permitted a work visa and are registered with the nation's law keepers.  The now civilized goblins refer to themselves as Gobelin to distance themselves from there more savage brothers.

The Nation of Goh is seperated into 4 duchies; 3 of the 4 are controled by indirect heirs to the crown.

The Dutchy of Goh
Wizard-King Gohb Flot-Buée
cities: Waltrude
Nantes (the Gateway city)

The Dutchy of Grifo
Itta, abbess of Grifo
cities: Leodegar

The Dutchy of Martel
Pippin the Short
cities: Autun

The Dutcy of Chilperic
cities: Toulouse

Known Locations and Cities: