The Nation of Asropa (South Central to the Southern most edge of "Civilization")

The Nation of Asropa is a powerful nation built by a long line of king and queens that have always had their people in their best interest.  People call Asropa, The lands of the seven-spired city of Estin. Where one can see Estin from every point in the nation.  Asropa is a nation of fertile flatlands, with gently rolling hills at its center.  Lands perfect for agriculture, and perfect for civil living.  Guarding this nation are the Army of Asropa, and the Warbirds.  The Warbirds are renowned riders of the Avestruz, larger cousins to the ostrich that are able to out run a horse in a sprint, and out maneuver one with in close confines.  They are the mounted Calvary of Asropa, the king's pride a joy.  They are a factor in Asropa's diplomacy as they travel to other nations to bring trade agreements, and services under the king's name.  They are a symbol of a nation, the pride of Estin.

Known Locations and Cities:
The seven-spired city of Estin

On the southern portion of Asropa are the rural communities, each with its own purpose and important to Asropa as a whole.

Shire Reeve
East Wiltford