Although I have designated this game as an Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game (ADRPG), it’s really a variant in that the setting is not based on Zelazny’s works in as much as the cast of characters and locales mentioned in the Amber series do not exist here.

It's also a kind of fusion of the ADRPG and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (LoGaS) since some ADRPG powers are replaced by LoGaS ones.

Therefore, while this is not Amber per se and since there is also no LoGaS (no Grand Stair), none of the powerful characters/NPCs found in either of those games exist, although a Warp Double of such a being might!.

To summarize, there is no Amber, no Courts of Chaos, no Pattern or Logrus. The Grand Stair of LoGaS does not exist either.

With that in mind it is obvious that the powers of Eidolon, Umbra, Pattern & Logrus do not exist… However, as this is a variant of ADRPG there are recognizable counterparts to Pattern and Logrus, namely Glyph and Maelstrom. In addition, other more familiar powers do exist, such as Shapeshifting and Wrighting (LoGaS' Trump Artistry) plus a non-canon power named Balance, check it out if you have a mind.

ADRPG's concept of Shadow is replaced what I have named the Warp, but the terms are in many ways interchangeable. I.e. Their basic principles work in exactly the same way. But when travelling the Warp you will find Warp creatures and Warp Worlds rather than Shadow creatures and Shadow Worlds.

The realm and city of Amber are replaced by eight distinct primal Warp Worlds, each is as important metaphysically to this game as Amber is to ADRPG. Player characters are almost certainly Warp Lords… that is to say, beings with the ability to travel through and perhaps manipulate the Warp.

Initially players are likely to find their character in or near one of the eight primal realms of Order, I expect the game to cover issues relating to the origins of the Warp, the primal powers of Order and Chaos and will almost certainly involve some significant conflict with other Warp lords and more 'mundane'  denizens of the Warp. Such conflict may or may not include conflict within the group as a whole.

One thing is sure, since the Warp is infinite, there will plenty of chances for players to explore, but in so doing there is also much scope to make enemies... and friends.

n.b. I envisage that all characters will originate from the Order end of reality, so any player wishing to play a Warp Lord from the Chaos end of things will need to convince me why I should allow a Chaos Lord, since I plan on all Chaos Warp Lords being NPCs.

I am looking for 4 to 6 solid role-players, who can demonstrate writing ability and bring their PC to life as an individual.