The Larkspur Logs

The Year is 2210. The Solar System hovers on the edge of war. The Odyssey Incident, following the collapse of the Martial Space Elevator, has strained tensions between CEGA and the Jovian Federation to the limit. Across settled space, war-drums roll even as public pleads for peace echo across news channels and webworks. The United Space Nations Council rings with accusations and threats.

Most people believe that the Solar System will be at war within a year. Tension is everywhere, the mingled, heightened energy of mass dread blended with a potent cocktail of excitement as old hates spark to life.

The Larkspur.

Recently retrofitted, the USN Larkspur is a Jackal Class Medium Strike Carrier in service to the Solar Police, recently retrofitted with state of the art sensor systems and reinforced to carry a full squadron of exo-armors drawn from volunteers in SolPol service. The Wild Jacks are the Best of the Best--or at least the best that an underfunded organization can get. Under the command of seasoned Captain Barajay Halcyon, the Spur's mission is ostensibly to crisscross the Sol system, seeking pirates, criminals, and showing that the USN still has the ability to keep the peace.

This isn't technically a lie, but neither is it the full truth. Something's going on out there in the black. As war brews between the great powers, certain elements within SolPol believe that unseen forces are attempting to accelerate the process. The Spur is one of several vessels tasked with searching, gathering intelligence, and if needs be, projecting force to remind those looking to pour gas on the fire that there's still someone standing in the way.

And here it unfolds.

Alone, between the stars, moving from port to port, the Spur and her crew are slowly gathering intelligence and seeking the truth. It is a journey that will take them across the depths of space between planets, past ice-crusted asteroids and through the thicket fleets of great powers. To ports decadent and spartan, and up against the heart of darkness.

This is the Larkspur.
This is her crew.
This is their story.