The Lands
The Lands is the general term to describe the known realms we live in. The history of the Lands is vast, complicated, and messy. You see, history is a weapon wielded by the survivors. History isn't about what actually happened, but a story about what happened. And there are always different versions, different stories, about the same events. One version might revolve mainly around a specific set of facts while another version might minimize them or not include them at all. The very selection of which histories we learn, shapes our view of how "what came to be", and in turn, what we understand is possible. These choices of history lessons are never "neutral" or "objective." Those who choose the narrative usually has a set agenda or are guided by hidden prejudices that serve their interests. Their interests could be to continue this world as it now stands or to make a new world.
You'll be asked the same question, will you continue the same or forge something new?
It is a myth that many of us have never traveled beyond a league outside of where we born. Many of us travel to attend worship services, especially if our village doesn’t have a kirk. In many places we are required to travel to local courts, or royal manors, for payment of royal levies and taxes. And of course, visits to markets to buy salt, cloth and other trade goods that aren't available in our small villages. Some of us have completed religious pilgrimages; while others have joined militia or armies and have traveled far away from our homes
And yet, still far fewer of us, have the wanderlust, the thirst for adventure, and the yearning to explore. When it comes to history, and the stories that are told, we cannot simply be passive. We will wrest control of the narrative and make our own mark upon it.
These stories are about us. History is now.