FATE for Frontier: Mars

Default Skills:

SkillEquivalent Specifics
AthleticsAthleticsNo variation
BrainsBrainsThe mental equivalent of Physique, reflecting a generally high-tech setting. My be used in place of mental skills, but only if there are available reference materials and/or well-labelled controls. Of most relevance to characters that do not (yet) have a society-standard education, such as children.
BurglaryBurglaryIncludes electronic security and sensor systems. Allows character to work as a Sensor Operator.
ContactsContactsNo variation
EngineeringCraftsConstruction/repair of high-tech machinery, electronics, spacecraft and ground vehicles. Allows the character to work as a Ship's Engineer or Sensor Operator.
ConstructionCraftsBuilding construction, earthworks, mining, blacksmithing, construction and repair of low-tech machinery such as weaving looms.
DeceiveDeceiveNo variation
DriveDriveOperation of ground-based vehicles.
PilotDriveOperation of vehicles flying within an atmosphere.
Ship NavigationDriveDirection, steering or operation of out-of-atmosphere craft. Allows a character to work as a Navigator.
EmpathyEmpathyNo variation
FightFightNo variation
InvestigateInvestigateHacking is available as a Stunt.
ScienceLoreKnowledge of the "hard sciences" such as physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology. To work as a medical doctor or equivalent the character must take Medicine as a Science Stunt.
HumanitiesLoreSocial sciences, history, anthropology, philosophy, law, literature, human geography.
NoticeNoticeNo variation
PhysiquePhysiqueNo variation
ProvokeProvokeNo variation, but players are encouraged to use roleplay rather than a dice roll.
RapportRapportNo variation, but players are encouraged to use roleplay rather than a dice roll.
ArtilleryShootCovers vehicle-mounted weapons including ship-to-ship weapons, and heavy military weapons.
GunsShootCovers hand-held energy and explosive-powered weapons.
Primitive Missile WeaponsShootCovers bows, crossbows, catapults, slingshots, slings and thrown missile weapons.
StealthStealthIncludes knowledge of electronic detection countermeasures.
WillWillNo variation.

You will notice that there is no Resources listed in this table. Resources may be allocated with the other skills, but the results will be handled as a group, not per individual character:

Character Resource SkillsGroup Resource Skill
1-3 AverageAverage (+1)
1 FairAverage (+1)
4-11 AverageFair (+2)
2-5 FairFair (+2)
1-2 GoodFair (+2)
12 AverageGood (+3)
6 FairGood (+3)
3 GoodGood (+3)

Different levels may be combined, e.g. 4 Average + 2 Fair + 1 Good = Good Resources for the group.

Resources will influence the group's ability to obtain and equip their ship and to build and supply their base once they reach Mars. The players may agree, as a group, on a Stunt for the PC group's Resources. This is in addition to all individual character Stunts.