One year ago word was sent to all corners of known space by House Li Halan, Baron Hotsuma Hengeyokai Li Halan is retiring from his life among the stars. For his decades of selfless service to House Li Halan, his renown philanthropic exploits, and countless quests for Emperor and Church; House Li Halan will host a week of celebrations and honors. For nobles, individuals, and delegations invited by name the laws of hospitality will be enforced.

The message contained a date and location on Midian, rsvp protocals, and information on scheduled jumps into the star system.

Planet side the city of Vasaria is selected to host the events. It is described as rich and clean, a wonder with glistening white towers, starscrapers grown from a managed forest of pin and elm, moving advertisements on holosigns, and has both a spaceport and high speed monopole rail connecting it to other cities. It will be late spring/early summer for the event. Midian Planet Map

On the fourth day of celebrations a delegation was detained for questioning. Several hours later a quarter city block in the security sector was vaporized by an internal explosion. All celebrations continued without pause. A public announcement was made that a security incident had occurred but no longer poses a threat to attendees. Rumors about what really happened abounded.

All of the characters have been "volunteered" to be part of a team to investigate the incident. Many different delegations lost people in the attack and have an interest in finding those responsible while also furthering their own agendas.