DARK AGES ~ Caledonia (Scotland, Alba)

The baseline story of a young woman made Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie by the death of her father and older brother at the hands of the Campbells.  It is King Kenneth MacAlpine's wish that the lass wed the Son of Fergus Campbell and thus joining the clans and lands.  But all the Campbells want are the MacKenzie lands and to subjugate the Mackenzie to live under Campbell rule and servitude.


When Kenneth MacAlpin achieved his ambition of being styled King of Scots and Picts, the land of Alba began it's 500-year transformation into the fiercely nationalistic medieval Caledonia well before Wallace and The Bruce. The price paid was a heavy one for the Gaels who founded ancient Dalriada, for the very factors that conspired to unite Caledonia under one language and one king worked to alienate the clan-based, Gaelic-speaking West. Our story takes place in the early 900s. MacAlpin's Kingdom stretched from West to East across the face of Caledonia (Scotland, Alba) with a Celtic Kingdom firmly established.

We need Clan Mackenzie WARRIORS & WOMEN
Clan MacKenzie (Male & Female) They are good honest people that fight for their king when necessary and clan battle with mostly the Campbells who want their lands and to place the MacKenzie under leadership and Campbell control.

We need Chieftain Asgard's VIKING WARRIOR'S (Male & Female)
Jarl Asgard killed Jarl Forkbeard I to protect his sister, left and came looking for a home for his people.  Good Vikings just looking for a home in the new lands but are brutal warriors.(Now united with the MacKenzie).

We need Clan Campbell's WARRIORS & WOMEN
Clan Campbell (Male & Female) our villains, evil, wicked, selfish, power grabbing, and just plain cruel.

We need Jarl Forkbeard II's VIKING WARRIORS (Male & Female)
Vikings that are marauders (unite with the Campbells).  We need the evil Viking Jarl wishing to find Asgard and make him suffer and die, A son of Forkbeard who Asgard fought over the protection of a woman in Asgard's care.

Asgard thinks he can outrun the revenge filled Jarl Forkbeard but, far from it as he is coming for Asgard and will destroy anything in his way.