Apocalypse Tribe riffs on the popular conspiracy trope that there is some alien entity actively and secretly invading our world, and that there are secret warriors dedicated to fighting off this invasion. While in movies and books, the invaders are truly aliens from some other planet, in Apocalypse Tribe, the aliens come from an alternate dimension, a debased and wicked shadow of ours. These Qlippothic renegades have managed to establish a strong foothold on Earth, infiltrating power groups and taking control of human networks by physically infecting and invading our bodies. Because of their otherworldly biology, these Outsiders can’t survive here for long without exposure to the tainted energies of their native dimension, requiring them to contaminate and corrupt their surroundings in order to extend their ability to stay in the “real” world. Without anyone resisting them, the Outsiders’ plan is to eventually reach a point they call the Great Gate, where they have converted or polluted enough of reality to allow them to tear open the boundary between their world and ours, and finally destroy and remake existence in their own image.
Fortunately, a small group of people have discovered the truth, and come together to fight back and protect reality from the Outsiders. These warriors, the Tribe of Humanity, were formed by an obsessed psychic veteran of the American military and intelligence community, who used his background as a guerilla warfare specialist to organize a secret army of ordinary men and women who have sacrificed their ordinary mundane lives and gone underground to seek out and destroy the Outsiders and their agents wherever they can find them. Because the police, the government, and the politicians are in the hands of the Outsiders, the Tribe must wage an illegal campaign of domestic sabotage and subversion while avoiding arrest and incarceration by lawful authorities, or capture and corruption by the aliens. At their disposal are a wide network of allies and resources diverted from legitimate sources, as well as friendly public servants and law enforcement “in the know,” who have chosen to serve as agents-in-place for the Tribe, rats in the official wall who act as spies, safe house operators, supply couriers, information brokers, and advance scouts.
And mortal humanity isn’t alone, either. A fully developed Outsider Host can absorb and deal out tremendous amounts of damage, utilize Qlippothic biomimetic powers, and rely on vast illegal networks of their own. But arrayed against them are supernatural powers from beyond our own reality, spirits and entities which help the Tribe in its war for their own inscrutable reasons.