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In brief, this is a villainous campaign.

You, the players, will take charge of evil-aligned characters and spearhead the destruction of Talingarde, the kingdom that has variously criminalized, betrayed, and oppressed you in the name of "law," "justice," "freedom," and whatever other lies the people in charge have chosen to cuddle up to. Your party will be composed of people who have committed grievous offenses against Talingarde, been caught, and now find themselves in the terrible Branderscar Prison—an inescapable holding facility for the nation's worst—awaiting some kind of punishment...probably execution.

You haven't got time for that kind of thing, though. There are Talireans who need a healthy dose of reality, redemption—and revenge.

Campaign, House, and Variant Rules
Character Creation Procedures
Brief History of Talingarde
Talirean Gazetteer
Villainous Accomplishments
Adventure Synopsis
With introductions out of the way, please find at the right various links to the subsections of the wiki that will inform how you participate in this game, including landing pages for the specific house and variant rules we will be using, limitations on resources, a brief gazetteer of Talingarde, and some reference material reproduced from the player's guide.

Please note: If you have played this adventure path previously—whether in part or to its conclusion—you may find things quite different, this time around. It must be said that, while Way of the Wicked is an excellent idea at the conceptual stage, Fire Mountain Games executed the campaign rather poorly in a lot of small, important ways. Alterations to the AP are not listed on the wiki in full, obviously, since many changes are for GM eyes only, but adjusted rules can be found in the expected places along with appropriate notes for your reference.

Remember to read through the entire wiki thoroughly before crafting your characters, and to return here occasionally for updated information or for a synopsis of your adventures, to date. New knowledge of Talingarde will be recorded here as you make progress through the game.

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