Ptolus Delver's Guild
A Pathfinder Dungeon Exploration With City Intrigue

"What is Ptolus? Imagine a cosmopolitan fantasy city where humans, elves, and dwarves rub elbows with orcs, ratmen, and stranger creatures.

A city built upon the ruins of two previous settlements, creating a mazelike undercity full of dangerous (but lucrative) chambers just waiting to be discovered.

A frontier port ruled by a power-mad theocracy amid the decay of a collapsing Empire.

A place where crime families war openly and noble houses battle discreetly—with equally deadly results.

A city where magic is familiar, adventurers are welcome, and thousands of residents dwell beneath the shadow of a Spire crowned with a citadel of evil so strong that the very earth thrust it away from itself untold ages ago.

Welcome to Ptolus."

--Monte Cook

For the last five years, the Delver’s Guild has grown in influence, becoming both popular to join and wealthy. The Delver’s Guild offers its members information about job opportunities and events pertaining to the exploration of regions below Ptolus. The guild also maintains the city’s most extensive collection of maps of the underground realm and an impressive library for research. The wealthy powers that be of Ptolus and its surroundings contract through the Delver's Guild when they know they want to get the job done right. That's where you come in. You're just Associate Guild Members for now, but this first job is going to get you FAME. FORTUNE. and GLORY.

There will be a strong focus on tactical combat since this is a dungeon exploration game with a lot of close quarters encounters. Not everything in the dungeons is meant to be killed and smashed, however, there will be ample opportunity to use social skills in the city or even in the dungeons.