Choosing the Role for Your Character

Should this character be a strong combatant?
While it is absolutely true that any character in a Star Wars game should be able to handle himself in a fight, some are truly meant to excel in violent conflict resolution. A Hired Gun, Soldier, and Warrior are the obvious primary choices for a career, although a Bounty Hunter, Commander, Seeker, and Guardian are clearly strong choices for this role as well.

Should this character be able to handle a starship?
Piloting ships through the galaxy isn’t quite the same as driving a car, but it’s common enough to see interstellar travelers with at least a modicum of pilot skill. True aces, however, are going to be found among the Smugglers and Aces. Explorers are also strong in this area, and Bounty Hunters can manage the basics.

Should this character be a “face” for the group?
There are times when talking may be preferable to shooting or punching. Getting into some places, getting out of others, or getting in touch with important people - these are all situations in which a skilled negotiator or persuasive conversationalist is very valuable. The Colonist, Diplomats, and Mystics are the best career choice here though Explorers, Smugglers, Spy, Consulars, and Guardians also have some competency in this field.

Should this character be the “I know that” guy?
Knowledge is power, and power is important when facing off with the Empire and probably a handful of criminal overlords. Sometimes it’s about knowing things, and more often, it’s about knowing how to find out. Either way, Colonists, Explorers, and Consulars are the best career choices to fulfill a role like this. Sentinels often become adept in this area as well.

Should this character be the sneaky rogue type?
Getting in, getting the stuff [or data], and getting out without being seen - very important abilities for fringe life. Let the bruisers and the hired guns duke it out toe-to-toe; that’s just a great distraction. The rogue PC will take the opportunity to get the real work done. Smugglers,   Spys, Sentinels, and Seekers tend to be good in this area, as are Bounty Hunters, Engineers, and Soldiers.

Should this character be the consummate support person?
For every character who stands up front fighting or dives in to make things happen, there are often many others who give their all to make sure he has what he needs to do his job and he comes back alive from doing it. The support character doesn’t get all the glory, yet he is often the critical element that determines success or failure in any effort. The Colonist, Technician, Diplomat, Engineer, Guardians, and Consulars are several powerful career choices for this kind of role. Certain aspects of Commander and Soldier also serve well.

Is this character an explorer?
The galaxy is unspeakably vast and filled with life. Many of its worlds are civilized and populous, but others remain unexplored or are occupied by unsophisticated peoples. Missions can draw characters into these environments. When they do an Explorer or Seeker are extremely capable, though some Colonists and Mystics also learn such techniques.