Significant Characters

The Heroes

Hans Albrecht - Chaos Warrior slayer of Grimmhagen
Anthea Beelen - Bodyguard - out of work
Fanriel Rilia - Wood Elf Mage Apprentice seeking greater knowledge of Humankind
Fymflynk Tinkfizzle - Gnome Ratcatcher
Dieter Alp - a Farmer on a mission to get his life back
'Baldy' Cowfoot - Halfling Farmer - on holiday!


Henning Nacht - Cleric of Morr (deceased)


Boris Kreutzhofer - owner of 'The Gibbet'.
Helga Schoenliger - Village Herbalist
Otto Boltzmann - Hero in the fight against Nightcrawler(deceased)
Darek Nightcrawler - Necromantic Chaos Warrior (deceased)

The Black Guard

Gilda Kraemer - High ranking Cleric of the Black Guard
Helwig Hoch - Black Guard Templar
Ortolf Kuhlpeper - Black Guard Templar


Heinz Schiller - Sausage Maker
Karl Tennenbaum - owner of The Dancing Dragon
and his wife Gertrude...
Manfred Harwitt - drunken Militia Captain of Heideldorf
Claude de Marche - Mercenary employed for the duration of Wurstfest
Randolph Guervin - Village Blacksmith
Quint - Master of the stables
Wilf Schwarzhaus - owner of Trading Post
Helena Omburg - owner of boarding house
Dirk Moser - owner of water mill

The Guests at the Sausage Festival - Heideldorf

The retired old mercenaries...

Dirk Lang
Rolf Kuestermann
Otto Semmel

Lars and Anya Hedderlich - merchant and wife attacked by bandits outside Heideldorf

Igor Marinovich - Kislevite merchant and possible spy!

Lady Eloise Chapdelaine - owner of Puffs the dog

...unwanted guests

Geddi Ironhead - deceased angry dwarf