This game is set in the year 2170 in the GURPs Interstellar war period. Players can play a number of characters that are associated with an eccentric businessman Andrew Kalishnakov, head of Kalishnikov P/L, as he set out from Terran space to pass through Vilani territory to areas on the other edge of the Vilani border in the Capella Subsector. Whilst known as a weapons dealer, the company primarily manufactured vehicles in it's massive mobile base. Now, however, having come all this way, he is setting out to colonise a planet Aegir in the name of the Russian Federation...and also in his own name. Players get to play the characters that man his small freighter as he deals with a hostile alien race.

This game may contain elements of a sexual nature, and graphic descriptions of violence. Hence it is marked as mature, but not adult. Hence, please keep all posts limited accordingly, and fade to black as appropriate. The GM will generally not try to kill all the players, but poor choices, even IC, will allow players to die if the dice fall that way.

The following will be copied of the Captains Diaries

Captain Niki Maya

- 10th January, 2170:
Met with Andrew Kalishnikov. He has an ambitious plan to move his base through Vilani territory to the remote Terran colonies in the Capella Subsector. Departed a few hours later after a quick trip to the Procyon colony to say goodbyes. Noted that a pirate was asking about us, before jumping to Sirius.

-17th January 2170:
Jumped into Sirius, and found the pirate masquerading as us attacking a Vilani merchant. Moved to intercept, destroying pirate but only after merchant ship was destroyed. Survivors of merchant ship rescued, clearing our name and setting up a trade with Markhashi, the Vilani colony that was the source of the patrol that met us.

-19th January 2170:
Finished gathering what information we could from the wreckage, and initiated jump to Markhashi. During jump, decrypted the pirates flash drive. It had a number of useful contact on it...if Vilani intelligence don't get their hands on it first.

-26th January 2170:
Arrive in Markhashi, and initiate negotiations for fuel. Trade goods.

-6th February 2170:
Depart Markhashi late in the day, to arrive at Sirius a few hours early, escorting tanker.

-14th February 2170:
Rendezvous with the Base and the Yuri, and several colonist transport vessels, the Adam Smith (a modified Karl Marx vessel), and the two smaller vessels as the Ariel and the Loch Ard (both modified Lightning vessels). Also transfer goods to Base, and jump to Markhashi.

-21st February 2170:
Arrive in Markhashi. Refuel and given new mission. Cargo loaded, and prepare to leave for Meshan via Shuruppak.

-29th Februay 2170: Arrive in Shuruppak. Desolate prisoner and asteroid mining colony. Not much to note.

-5th March 2170: Left Shuruppak for Meshan.

-12th March 2170: Arrived at Meshan. Arrogant commander ordered us to land or leave, so we blew him up and proceeded to the landing zone in the speeder. There was a tough fight there, which saw Illiam nearly killed. Hopefully, he will come out of his coma soon. 4 Vilani offered to join us if we could transport them out of Imperial space undetected.

-13th March 2170: dropped off all supplies at the hidden base on Meshan, as well as some extras in return for 4 dTons of Rare Earth Metals.

14th March 2170: Departed Meshan for Shulgiili.

21st March 2170: Arrived at Shulgiili, refuelled and refitted.

24th March 2170: Left for Gashidda.

31st March 2170: Arrived in Gashidda, applied for mercenary licence. Discussed a job for Governor of Khulampu

4th April 2170: Left Gashidda after vessel modified to carry 200 troops.

11th April 2170: Arrived in Khulampu to hostile reception. Dealt with all hostiles, but craft were damaged. Took a week to repair and improve the ships boat, making a heavily armoured APC to fit into it. Sold fighter.

19th April 2170: Departed Khulampu after repairs and modifications for Gashidda.

26th April 2170: Arrived in Gashidda, where Natalie has sold our goods and arranged for passengers to Saris. We have left Gashidda with an escort to ensure we help with the plague on Ishkur.

3rd May 2170: Arrived in Ishkur. Ugly scene, met a Lightning engaging a Patrol cruiser as a Research vessel attempted to flee, so we took out the cruiser, and one of the two cruisers following us. The other cruiser surrendered, but when a Hero came from the planet to take the crew, it jumped back to Gashidda.

13th May 2170: We have traveled to a gas giant in the Ishkur system to repair the cruiser and head for Saris. A disables Crockett class scout was fond, and the survivors rescued. We salvaged what we could, modifying the Dastavka to be slightly bigger but much faster before heading to Saris I in close formation.

21th May 2170: Arrived in Saris...missed the target planet but went very near the star. Fortunately, our arrival so near the star meant we were undetected, so we were able to stealthily approach Saris I, using the planet and moons for cover, and launch a surprise attack on the Escort Destroyer there, disabling it. The Gashidda and Dastavka suffered some damage, but were able to refuel and leave.

30th May 2170: Arrived in Yenisei system. Finally out of Vilani space...but we seem to be missing the Gashidda. No sign of the Base either. Waiting 2 weeks to get word of the Base. No sign of Gashidda.

9th June 2170: The Base finally arrived! Admiral Polonini is dead, and we are now gearing up for life beyond the Empire...for a while.

10th June 2170: The Dastavka entered the Bases massive Hanger for major renovations, including increasing the vessel size, in order to better equip it for exploratory work.

Captains Log: Jeremiah Jones, a small scout used while the Dastavka underwent major work.

13th June 2170. Departed Yenisai, Crew as follows:

Cabin 3
 Cyril Zotmund
Cabin 4
 Kat Steele
 Tanya Weaver
Cabin 5
 Gun Da-bin
 Rodney Smith
Cabin 6
 Sigorney Weaver
Cabin 7
 Julia Chekov
 Alexei Chekov
Cabin 8
 Duke Verhund
 Chang Kyamoto
Crew Consumes 0.42 t/week, can carry 12 tons of supplies, when pressed, like now. Cost approximately $1000/ton, normally.Refuelling and docking for this vessel $11,600 per week.
Initial down payment, $50,000.

20th June 2170. Arrived in Chrysolite. Departed after restocking and getting latest charts.
Cash reserve $38,000

29th June 2170. Arrived in Tunguska. Departed after restocking and resupplying. Cash Reserve $26,000

8th July 2170. Arrived at new system, #1136. After checking the accuracy of the map and the preliminary planetary survey, we landed and refuelled, leaving soon after. 11.58t supplies on arrival. We left immediately upon finishing refuelling.

15th July 2170. Arrived at system #1337, though not at the Gas Giant with a habitable moon. Made a new system map by the 25th, before proceeding to a full orbital planetary survey by the 6th of August.

14th August 2170. Arrived in system #1339. An Alien craft at one of the other planets moved to intercept us, launching fighters. Landed to quickly refuel, where we met (underwater) the crew from the AK Explorer. Taking two survivors aboard, we ran for the jump point, but we had to destroy the four fighters to get away.

21st August 2170. Arrived, refuelled and left #1337.

29th August 2170. Arrived, refuelled and left #1136.

5th September 2170. Arrived in Tunguska, still with $26,000 cash reserve.

15th September 2170. Arrived in Chrysolite, returned to Base.

20th September 2170. Departed for Scouting trip.

28th September 2170. Departed Tunguska

6th October 2170. Departed #1136.

14th October 2170. Departed #1237.

21st October 2170. Arrived in #1239 to a hostile Alien reception. Small warship destroyed, refuelled and departed quickly.

28th October 2170. Arrived in #1440. Found a not-so-violent Alien fleet, and was able to open negotiations. They will be friendly as long as we are fighting the fanatics, and not fighting them!

6th October 2170. Arrived at #1439 and refuelled and departed before hostile fighters arrived.

14th October 2170. Departed #1437.

22nd October 2170. Departed #1237.

29th October 2170. Departed #1136.

7th November 2170. Departed Tunguska.

14th November 2170. Returned to Chrysolite.

Captain Niki Maya aboard the refitted Dastavka

Following a major refit and extension, completed on 20 November 2170, Dastavka was relaunched from Chrysolite.

20th November 2170: Launched with fleet of ten Ships, Yuri, Tsushima Straights, Adam Smith, Buffalo Bill, Ariel, Loch Ard, Samson, Yamamato and the Jeremiah Jones.

29th November 2170: Departed Tunguska

7th December 2170: Departed system #1136.

15th December 2170: Departed system #1237.

22nd December 2170: Arrived in system #1339. Colony ships set to work building up a Starport. Labrysans notice our arrival. Immediately began setting up colony.

6th January 2171: Investigating second gas giant, when massive Labrysan fleet arrives! Main fleet attacks colony, while Dastavka dealt with the supply fleet. Friendly Labrysan rebels arrived a few hours later, but it was all over by then.

8th January 2171: Depart on fact-finding and diplomatic mission to Labrysan rebels to determine alliance conditions.

16th January 2171: Arrive at Labrysian Rebel Mining Colony. Meet with Colony leaders to discuss an Alliance.

18th January 2171: Head off to Captured Research colony to investigate. Reception is hot, and return quickly!

3rd February 2171: Finish a basic Alliance agreement. Head back to Terran Colony with Labrysian Delegation.

10th February 2171: Return to Aegir, the name of the new Terran Colony. I (Captain Maya) am assigned to a new ship, the Mirotvortzev, a large 6,000 dTon Cargo ship fitted with a newly arrived Jump-2 drive. Cyril is now the new Captain. My new ship should be combat ready in about 2 months.

Captain Cyril Zotmond, of the Dastavka

2nd March 2171: Received first Orders as Captain: Assumed Command at 1426 hours this day: We are to assist Labrysian intelligence in operations behind Government lines.

3 March - in discussions with the Labrysans as how to best attack the Government forces given our very limited combat capability. They are overly optimistic in many cases and are trying to over extend themselves.  The best suggestion seems to be attacking supply ships/freighters and perhaps putting a Nuke on one headed in to eliminate the orbital platform.

Reconnoitered 1340, middle Gas Giant  and found enemy Frigates at each planet, destroyed eight fighters and a Frigate... recovered a safe and several hard drives from the Frigate after a hard fight, with several Labrysians killed and injured. Useful intelligence found and we are taking it back to the Rebels.

Intell is:  It would seem that next week, all capital ships will be sent to ensure that the construction of the research station starbase is completed on schedule next month. Only 4 destroyers and 4 frigates will be left, along with the 200 fighters on each existing starbase, will be left to defend the other two systems.

The flash drive reveals something more sinister, however. This movement is to entice the 'devils' to attack the homeworld, just in time for the completion of the new class of Battleship in 6 weeks time. The Battleship has enough speed that the 'devils' will not be able to out run it, whilst still having nearly as much armour as the Cruisers. In addition, they employ large numbers of smaller 'eyes of the Golden one' to dispatch with the 'tiny suicide fighters' the 'devils' employ. Labrysians think this may refer to the Beam weapons which had previously been considered not useful in combat.

Expect to return to the Rebel base about 18 March, 2171.

Went to 1239 to attempt to slip a nuke onto a survey vessel allowing it to be a vector to destroy the space station... out come unknown. Frigates at every planet and increased numbers of fighters. Some fighters are up armored 40 dTon ships boats now. Destroyed 8 fighters and a destroyer while slipping up on the survey vessel and attaching the bomb.

Returned to Aegir for rearm, repair and updates. Added ability to carry 3 fighters, all missile armed. Plan to return to the Rebel base and report, passing through 1239 to assess any damage. Depart for this trip on Thursday 18 April 2171.