Some tales are just too good to keep hidden. Those found herein are a smattering of the best. Tales that will inspire, enthrall and bewitch! Tales of Warriors, Rogues and Mages!

This game is starting out with an old-school feel and we'll see where it goes from there. It's a game about great characters and their interactions with each other and the world around them. This game is heavy on "roleplay" and less on "rollplay" although I must say there should be plenty of both...

Heroes are considered to be... well, heroic! Come prepared with a few tales of your own and build upon them!

There is intrigue, capers, humor, and drama and while a hero ultimately wins, there is always a cost.

Always looking for excellent role-players.

The Story So Far
The Cast - PCs and NPCs
The Places and Races of Vaneria
The Current Quests and Objectives
The Timeline - Chronicles of the Past and Present
The Found Treasure, Uncovered Artifacts and Discovered Lore

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Test Page and Practice Sandbox Thingee
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